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Annie Abrahams

Un Artiste qui ne vend rien est-elle un Artiste ?

Le 23 octobre 2014 de 21h à 22h (heure de Paris)
Tchat par le collectif éphémère NBIA – No Budget Internet Art

Annie Abrahams, Pascale Barret, Christophe Bruno, Émilie Gervais, Emmanuel Guez

Trace unique de ce tchat, un cartel visible pendant l’exposition Variation Media Art Fair à Paris est mis aux enchères par le vendeur nbia2014 sur (now 20.50 euro)


Les enchères dureront du 20 octobre au 26 octobre 2014.
La mise à prix de départ est de 1,00 €.

Courtoisie Emmanuel Guez

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… howls into the space of the in-between …

Jasmina Založnik wrote an interesting text about “my work”. Printed and plastified it figures in my show Mie Lahkoo Pomagate (can you help me) , 21 October – 7 November 2014, Aksioma Project Space, Ljubljana.

Opening up a new zone for what was formerly called net art

“In the time satiated with hyperconnections, transformations of individual into dividual, and dispersed scenarios, which we skilfully manoeuvre through to pick out appropriate masks from a pool of supply, vulnerability appears to be crucial. It suggests a crisis of a certain diagram of sensitivity. And thus a multitude of its modes of expression and cartographies of meaning. As stated by Suely Rolnik*, refusal to be vulnerable stifles the desire to create and produces feelings of humiliation and shame that block vital processes. And this, of course, suggests that today the thematisation of encounter, chance, and responding to other beings is taking on also new dimensions. And precisely these dimensions are again and again, or better more and more, cropping out in Annie Abrahams’ work. It is not only about repeating the learned, fixed patterns of behaviour, even less so about an attempt to repeat. Rather, it can be perceived as a silent but distinct voice about potentiality – about diversions of our attention, our readiness to surrender, uncover, and know the potentiality of our behaviour and reactions. To overcome the established, prearranged models, we have to allow difference to step in. We have to see our own vulnerability, reveal the weakness, which seems to be more and more supressed, repressed … Take a step back, only to take a leap into the undefined, unknown, and unfamiliar. The world isn’t shaped – it is in the process of being shaped. In a process we enter as active participants. Indefiniteness, gapped with unfamiliarity, is perhaps scary, but at the same time endlessly exciting. The unfamiliarity of our own future. The unfamiliarity of any new and old relation. Instead of fearing or repeating them, the artist invites us to enter relations and situations attentively, to be able to discover and perceive new dimensions of potentiality. The beauty of an encounter, which is always hesitant, always open. It is an invitation.

Open structures and an invitation to enter. The artist’s work can thus be understood as “hacking”. An opening up of a new zone for what was formerly called net art. Which is now no longer caught in the virtual world and no longer investigates its impressions on reality, but howls into the space of the in-between, the real / the virtual, the past / the present. It calls for responsible, attentive, perceptive entering, reading, acting, reacting. Also when we are witnessing a past event, when we interpret materials, when we combine, connect, and “understand” them.”

Jasmina Založnik, July 2014 .pdf of original Slovene text

* – no English page available.

Forget about post internet, about new aethetics and any other nomination; we are always in-between” (AA 20/10/2014)

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Subversive Systeme. Poetische Transfiguration des Digitalen.


Subversive Systeme. Poetische Transfiguration des Digitalen.
Group Exhibition

Stadtgalerie Mannheim, Germany
Press conference: Tuesday, 21. October, 11 am

Opening: 23 October 2014 at 8pm
24 October 2014 – 15 February 2015
Curator: Benedikt Stegmayer

Artists: Annie Abrahams, [epidemiC] / Franco Berardi, plan b, Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder, Igor Štromajer

I will present : The Big Kiss (2008) (with Mark River, MTAA)

Angry Women take 1 & 2  (2011)  (With Albertine Meunier, Anne Laforet, Caroline Delieutraz, Hedva Eltanani, Helen Varley Jamieson, Ienke Kastelein, Inès Kchaou, Julie Chateauvert, Karen Dermineur, Laurence Moletta, Laurie Bellanca, Lizvlx, Lucille Calmel, Simona Polvani, Martina Ruhsam, Hortense Gauthier, Olga Kisseleva, Pascale Barret, Paula Roush, Sabine Revillet, Suzon Fuks and Ursula Endlicher. – Co production : Labomédia Orléans, residency in the frame of Géographies Variables / Aide à la création Région Languedoc Roussillon)

Huis Clos / No Exit – Beyond (spectacle) I, II, III - Exposition on the New Aesthetic. – Newer Aesthetic. – The internet is not as good as it was yesterday. (2012) (With Igor Stromajer, Nicolas Frespech, Ruth Catlow, Ursula Endlicher – co-production ELMCIP)
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Mie lahkoo pomagate? (can you help me?)


Solo exhibition
21 October – 7 November 2014,
Aksioma Project Space, Ljubljana
Tuesday, 21 October at 20h / opening and presentation. I will also be in the space on the 22nd, 23rd and 24rd from 3pm to 5pm. Recording sound, explaining, chatting.

Production: CONA  institute for contemporary art processing
Coproduction: Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art
Residency partner: JSKD and French Institute

The works presented in the exhibition Mie Lahkoo Pomagate? (can you help me?) investigate different attitudes toward language and problematize how its expressivity is structured when placed in a new environment.

The created pieces have an open structure and can be understood as a sort of “hacking”, through which another sphere of what used to be called net art is opened. This other zone is no longer caught in the virtual world, it does not examine its imprints on reality, but cuts through the space of in-betweenness, the real / the virtual, past / present. It calls for a responsible, watchful, and careful entering, reading, acting, reacting, even when we are becoming a witness of a past event, when we are interpreting offered materials, combining, connecting, and understanding them.

Recordings, drawings, a video and a poster of Encounter, edited recordings of Kaj misiliš s tem? What do you mean?, an art book from estranger to e-stranger, a skirt made by Irena Pivka, a deka, a poster from Huong Ngo, a song by Tožibabe, a video of my parents, relax.exe (projection), a chair, a table, a text by Jasmina Založnik, a soundpiece by Brane Zorman, a plant, another plant, another chair, plaster board, text on code and emotions (poster), Iloveyou.exe (copies). What language does it speak?

The exhibition was developed in collaboration with Maja Delak, Mojca Krisch, Huong Ngo, Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman. Thanks to: Milena Gros, Chantal van Mourik, Brida, Martina Ruhsam, Sunčan Stone, Igor Štromajer, Jana Wilcoxen, Jerneja Žganec Gros and Aleš Mihelič – Alpineon razvoj in raziskave, d.o.o

Some thoughts on the preparation of this exhibition here. (#boris groys #miltos manetas #jill magid)


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Hommage à Yann Le Guennec.


who’s afraid of ? La vie en intelligence collective” – les archives.
Lecture par Annie Abrahams et 6 personnes du public, d’une pièce de théâtre en deux actes d’après un échange émail de 2005 entre les membres du groupe Lieudit*. Hommage à Yann Le Guennec.

Prologue Réunion
Acte 1 : Résurrection du ménage.
Intermezzo chanté
Acte 2 : Mort, même pas.
Epilogue Raté

Samedi 4 octobre, 20h30
DATABAZ, 100, rue du Gond – 16000 Angoulême
INTON’ACTION #4 Rencontres internationales de poésie et performance

Toutes les paroles seront non identifiées sauf celles de Yann Le Guennec, lues par Annie Abrahams.
J’avais écrit la pièce en 2005 sur un coup de colère, comme seule issue possible d’une discussion sur le sort du site de lieudit. Quand je l’ai relue je découvre qu’elle met à nu bien des aspects de la problématique de l’archivage encore actuelle, surtout actuelle, aujourd’hui. Je découvre aussi qu’elle contient un très beau portrait de Yann Le Guennec, le plasticien internet qui est décédé le 12 juillet dernier à seulement 45 ans. J’aimais bien Yann.

animation Yann Le Guennec* – collectif d’artistes internet 1997-1999 – membres : Pierre Cuvelier, Nicolas Frespech, Antoine Moreau, Eric Maillet, Annie Abrahams, Jacques Perconte, J-P Halgand, Yann Le Guennec, Sylvie Bourguet, Karen Dermineur et Clément Thomas.*

Si vous avez envie de participer, écrivez-moi quel personnage vous voudriez “incarner” :
Acteur1= celui qui chante pendant l’intermezzo
Acteur2= celui qui chante également pendant l’intermezzo
Acteur3= celui qui agi
Acteur4= celui qui parle peu, mais est enthousiaste
Acteur5= celui qui rigole, mais se met de plus en plus en colère et qui danse pendant l’intermezzo
Acteur6= celui qui tourne en rond quand il participe.

Concept de départ et d’arrivée de lieudit :
 Lieudit constitue une expérience pilote de rapprochement des pratiques artistiques individuelles à priori dissociées. Les modalités technologiques du réseau sont mises à contribution dans des développements générateurs d’une organisation des comportements, les uns au regard des autres (échange
des codes d’accès, des fichiers, partage de l’espace).
Le réseau devient l’espace d’une réalité relationnelle. Les différentes propositions participatives engendrent une réactivité créative où les travaux individuels fonctionnent à l’intérieur des processus d’échange, donnant à voir et offrant la possibilité de participer à une méta-création en constant renouvellement. Yann Le Guennec 1998.

Images : Yann Le Guennec.

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A Silent Walk With a White Chair


A Silent Walk With a White Chair
Performance écrit pour Annie Abrahams par Ienke Kastelein

Exécuté par Annie Abrahams le samedi 4 octobre, entre 11 et 13h
Place des Halles et autour de la mairie d’Angoulême
INTON’ACTION #4 Rencontres internationales de poésie et performances

…Avoid eye contact.
You are the center of the universe.You are a bubble of awareness.
You speak through your actions…

Protocole complet Performance voor Annie Solo IK 2014.pdf. Merci Ienke.

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from estranger to e-stranger – the book

estranger page 77
Annie Abrahams: from estranger to e-stranger
Living in between languages

October 2014
Editions +++plus+++

An (e)stranger is invisible, exotic, unidentifiable, rude, hybrid, 
blurry, deformed, subversive, incomprehensible, complex, pliable, lonely, abject, harder and more fragile at the same time … they are more resilient, more inventive, know how to protect themselves, are good observers, look around a lot, see and ask questions about things that seem to be selfevident …

The book, 98 pages, is available in print on demand (soft cover) for 18 euros (+ postage and tax) via

You can also download a free .pdf copy of the book

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Dictionary – Stress Exhibited

From October 2 to 12, 2014

Dictionary – Stress, Digital file .jpg, digital frame, 2014 presented by CCC (Copy Copains Club) in the Fondation Vasarely in Aix en Provence. CCC is a friends’ club, copying each other.

Gamerz-Festival #10

Dictionary – Stress, Fichier numérique .jpg, cadre numérique, 2014  Based on Dictionary – Pain (2000–2003), original art work by Mladen Stilinović. In Dictionary-Pain, Mladen Stilinović erases all definitions in the English dictionary and replaces them by the word Pain. Based on the low-def image of the first page found on the web, Annie Abrahams takes this action over and adds her own words.

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Faites quelque chose ! – Performance

Samedi 24 MAI 20h
Festival LadyBug, Le Lavoir Public

Faites quelque chose!
Performance avec le public de Annie Abrahams.
Rien ne se passera si vous ne faîtes rien!
Assistance Maëva Croissant.
Avec un extrait de “Conceiving Ada” de Lynn Hershman Leeson.
Et dans le rôle du surveillant.
Autres rôles : gardien(ne) du temps, capteur d’images, chroniqueuse, dataspécialiste/portraitiste du public, surveillant, contrôleureuse de bonne volonté, enregistreureuse son, observateurs concerné(e)s.

le protocole de la performance : .pdf
le texte sur Ada Lovelace à lire devant un micro .pdf
4 pages des compliments pour le public, pour l’autre .pdf
texte toucher à lire si …. .pdf

34 dessins, images, photos (faites par Sonia Paço-Rocchia) sur flickr

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estranger /// e-stranger

hommes traduits – the silent period – minor litterature – bastard language – the postmonolingual – mother and father tongues – een vreemde in eigen land – harder and more fragile – Elternloos / Stiefmoedertaal – all nomads, being a stranger is the status quo – the broken one


PostMono, research, collage, bricolage, assemblage  From estranger to e-stranger? Maybe a book, 54 posts now.

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* 8-9/11keeping in touch (with an unknown other), performance, Networked Bodies, Watermans, London.
* 14/11, 21h ReadingClub session Hors Série sur William Burroughs.
* 19/11 18h Conférence Auditorium La Cambre École nationale supérieure des arts visuels, Bruxelles.
* 5 - 12/12 2014 Pixxelpoint 2014 festival Nova Gorica.

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