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Annie Abrahams

Annie Abrahams, Maja Delak, Irena Pivka: Encounter

Wednesday, April 23 from 5 pm till 10 pm
MSUM, Metelkova, 1000 Ljubljana
An intimate performance for a limited number of observers.*
(public preparation no.2 for an exhibition)

Annie (Dutch artist and biologist living in France) and Maja (Slovenian dancer and choreographer), who only saw one another twice and only shortly, will meet and engage in a 5 hour long performance, where they can’t use English to communicate. Irena (artist, architect and scenographer) will be present and record the encounter by any means she thinks appropriate. All three they will produce the material for a collective art piece to be shown in Aksioma in October.

What happens when two people with a desire to meet the other have the chance (and the obligation) to stay together for 5 hours? How will they manage the shared responsibility for a performance? How will they circumvent the fact they can’t speak English to communicate? What will be the influence of the obligation to produce material for a future exhibition piece? Will their different professional backgrounds bring forward a special aesthetic?

production: CONA,

partners: MG+MSUM, JSKD, French Institute Ljubljana
Cona program is supported by Municipality of Ljubljana, Culture department

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Kaj misliš s tem? / What do you mean?

Kaj misliš s tem
? / What do you mean?
Public preparation no.1 for an exhibition (Aksioma Oct. 2014)
Thursday, April 17th, 7.30pm,
Kult3000, Metelkova, Ljubljana

A performance and discussion with people who all had to learn a new language because they went living in a country who’s language they didn’t speak.

Performance initiator and preparation : Annie Abrahams. Invited participants : Martina Rusham (dancer and author, Austrian), Jana Wilcoxen (translator, project development, American), Chantal van Mourik (communicator, coordinator, Dutch). Discussion afterwards.

The performance (facilitated by CONA) will last 30 min.
We will not speak directly to one-another, we will type on a computer in our mother-tongue, use google to translate our text in Slovenian and then use text to speech software – TTS by Proteus – to be heard by all in Slovenian.

in the frame of (E)stranger : a 4 weeks residency invited by CONA
partners JSKD, French Institute Ljubljana

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One piece, two approaches

Beyond (spectacle) – Episode II
Annie Abrahams and Igor Štromajer
Speaker: Laurie Bellanca
Streaming: Ivan Chabanaud
February 21st festival Tropisme La Panacée Montpellier information, protocols, commands

one performance, two personalities, two approaches, one piece

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#ReadingClub #Cona #LaurieAnderson


April 7th 21:00H CET
online Reading Club based on a song text by Laurie Anderson.

Live sound by Brane Zorman (streaming Cona).

With Anna Friz, Canadian sound and radio artist, BridA (Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica), Aleksandra Gruden visual artist and Andrej Hrvatin sound recordist and musician.

Produced with Cona institute for contemporary arts processing in Ljubljana.

Archives : (soon also video with sound available)

Want to know a bit more about the project?
Article : In the Reading Club, reading is not unthought Annick Rivoire interviewed Annie Abrahams and Emmanuel Guez about their project, which experiments with an active, participatory, collaborative and performative reading on the Internet.

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It is not about the project it is about the relation – Talk


Trubar Litterature House
08 April 2014 19h
Stritarjeva 7
1000 Ljubljana
Tel. : 01 256 56 94

Artist talk : It is not about the project it is about the relation.

Intention: A talk about how relations and behaviour are at the core of my artistic work and about what it means to work on an aesthetics of attention and trust. Using examples of my collective writing and online streaming performances I will try to shed light on the liberating aspects of the human messy sides of interaction in online environments.

Talk in the frame of my 4 weeks residency with CONA and JSKD* in Ljubljana, which will be centered around the notion of being an (E)stranger.


When 12 years old, I went to high school for the first time, I noticed I didn’t speak the same way as the other pupils. I went mute for three days before trying to communicate again. In 1986 I moved from the Netherlands to France and once again I was a ‘stranger’. I was the one who had to learn a new language, who had an accent, who was difficult to understand, the one the others had difficulties paying attention to because she spoke slowly and had bad grammar. I was the ‘broken’ one. But I also was the outsider, the one with distance, the one who didn’t know the rules, and so wasn’t obliged to follow them, the one who could also be free.
So when invited by Cona, to come to Slovenia I decided to go back once more to the position of being a stranger, of creatively playing with this place, of researching its possibilities, beyond it’s handicapping proprieties and make work about that.

notes on the project

production CONA
partners JSKD, French Institute Ljubljana

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ReadingClub – Ce pas qui …

6 mars 2014, 18h30
Le Transistor
La Friche Belle de Mai
Reading Club à partir d’un texte de Luc Dall’Armellina
Ce pas qui nous élève – pour des écritures numériques créatives, un manifeste

Deux sessions de 10 minutes
Lecteurs : public sur place.

Entrée libre sur inscription uniquement
Informations : 04 95 04 96 23
Inscriptions :

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Beyond (spectacle) – Episode II

21/02/2014 19h45 CET
Beyond (spectacle) – Episode II

Annie Abrahams and Igor Stromajer

Streaming: Ivan Chabanaud
Technical assistance: Jan de Weille
Reader: Laurie Bellanca
Duration: 25 min

Les anormales
festival Tropisme
la Panacée, Montpellier and online
Video archives of the streaming on (from 01:14:00 min.)


Igor in Frankfurt and Annie in Montpellier will be united in a webcam performance interface. Igor and Annie will be the marionettes to be put into (e)motion via a text written by the public on their smartphones and computers.
A speaker will read this text aloud in front of the public while Annie and Igor will execute as good as they can the protocol and commands proposed to them, they won’t kiss.

No content determined. The performers are as instruments. Nothing will happen without commands. The public is the master of the game. The project tends a mirror – a mirror for the capacity to co-write the event, to guide this intimate meeting of two internet puppets.

As much an exercice in collectif writing as a performance.

Marionettes / Scripting Reality / On Manipulation / Txt Theater / Public Collaboration Dynamics

More information Beyond (spectacle) (archives photo, text, video)
Plus d’information en français (des archives photo, texte, vidéo)

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#Ah ! laLAL !… #ReadingClub #Antoine Moreau

Ah ! LaLAL !… Antoine Moreau, samedi 01 / 02, 21h.

copyleftCe mois-ci Antoine Moreau est l’invité du Reading Club pour une session un peu particulière.  Sous le titre AhLaLAL… l’initiateur et co-rédacteur de la Licence Art Libre (LAL) se lance le défi d’une écriture numérique qui croise la précision du droit d’auteur avec “l’inconnu des lectures écrivantes en droit”.

Un seul auteur, qui, espérons-nous, sera alimenté par les questions, réactions et informations du public dans le tchat, écrira pendant une durée indéterminée – le temps qu’il faudra, un article de 4500 caractères maximum. Antoine annoncera sa présence dans l’interface du Reading Club sur twitter : hashtag #AhLaLAL.

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Avatars & ReadingClub

readingPopImage extrait de l’historique Le kmikaze implique la fusion coplète du crps du ReadingClubPop avec Philippe Aigrain, Mathieu Triclot et Sophie Wahnich d’après La Théorie du drone (La Fabrique éditions, 2013) de Grégoire Chamayou, organisé avec poptronics le 21 janvier 2014.

Etaient présents dans le tchat pendant ce ReadingClub :
kamikaze, annie, Emmanuel, petit prince, annick, petite princesse, pascale, parrot, Nobody, nobody, anne, Clausewitz, mao, boeing, anon, adamson, ⓕ., opérateur, cruise missile, Carl Schmitt, Koko, predator, peace drone, nathalie, Tom jewel, NSA, drones united, stalin, AvdK, Rutger kult, smartdrone, CarrefourDrone, amazon, PizzaHutDrone, HeinekenDrone, Le Petit Prince, SoldeDrone, anonymous, Destiny says, Xbox, White house, anonymous drone pilot, oh be AVARE, antomoro, philosophe, NukeDrone, Proudhon, Action needs, Alice, The Military Industrial Complex (MICkey), une voix outre tombe et USAF.

Du beau monde dirais-je. La liste se lit comme une histoire en soi, presque un résumé. Il y a du sérieux au troll, qui lui aussi réagit au discours, y contribue. (voir l’extrait en bas)

Oui, le tchat du Reading Club est un vrai espace public d’écriture, de discussion et de création partagée. Il fonctionne comme une marge à l’écriture officielle qui se fait au centre. C’est à la fois le plateau de discussion (télé ?), la cour de récré et une salle de sport. On y change de nom, comme de point de vu, on y lit le centre, les autres, toujours décalé, parce qu’intercalé, non linéaire.

Extrait du tchat :

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Talk on collaboration in cyberformance (pdf)

: Communication is never clean smooth and transparent

: Machines don’t make communication easier, they just change it.

: Machines are fragile and need a lot of attention

: humans also have hormones and moods in front of a screen

: Communication is always dangerous

: About relational dynamics in a dispersed group

: investigating and staging the limits and possibilities of machine mediated collaboration and co-creation

: Alone together

: sharing a place of expression and responsibility

: Loneliness
: adolescent group-dynamics and partying

: Mirrored image
: Losing spatial control
: Can’t trust the body

: Bodies are absent, have become disorienting images, but exist in front of the screen

: Bodies constraint due to fixed position imposed by headset and webcam

: Evolving in a unified soundscape incapable of knowing who says what

: Details, subtleties in face and body expression are lacking
: the image is pixelized and of low quality

: The gaze is wandering across the screen
: There cannot be a complete overview
: There is no peripheral view

: Due to network delays there is No unified timeframe

: Perceiving what is going on is difficult
: Interacting is hazardous

: no  leader
: no one controls

: Vulnerabilities (hidden code) are revealed

: Beyond self-representation and control

: Aesthetics of attention and trust

: It’s all about behavior

: How to listen ?
: When to act ?
: Where is my place ?
: What shall I do ?
: Where can I be ?
: Where is the we ?
: What can we do ?
: Where do I stand ?
: Who can I touch ?

: And the audience ?

: Give them real agency
: Let them make a difference

: Or tell interesting stories

While passionate, persevering, trusting and with all senses “on” you need to accept …  Talk Signalraum Night of Cyberformance  09 / 01 /2014,
Signalraum für Klang une Kunst, Münich and online for the Upstage’s 10th birthday event.

pdf 44 slides with images :

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* 22/05 - 25/05 Performance dans le cadre de LADYBUG, Le Lavoir Public Lyon
* 20/10 - 4/11 2014 Mie Lahkoo Pomagate? (can you help me?) show at Axioma Ljubljana.

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