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Annie Abrahams

L’envoyer à Mars pour y trouver la quiétude / Send it to Mars so it can rest

Performance for the inauguration of the bleuOrange hypertext webzine.
March 20 2008, 7 pm, studio OBORO, 4001, Montréal.
performance discours sur la JR Carpenter
How to disperse the popular discours on violence?

Performance with Rebecca Barnstapple (choreographer) and her company Teatro de las Flores. 15 min.
After 5 minutes of looking at the video projection of a accelerated reconstruction of the text “Qu’est-ce que c’est la violence ?” written by website visitors of between 07 04 2006 and 16 05 2007, the silence was broken by three instruments (pertcussion, cello, clarinet), two dancers started dancing, they were joined by 11 others and the public.

One minute video impression on youtube

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Annie Abrahams
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