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One the puppet of the other / L’un la poupée de l’autre: publication

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One the puppet of the other / L’un la poupée de l’autre: The video and the performance“, by Alejandro Delgado Gómez in Archives & Social Studies Vol 1 No 1 ISSN 1988-0626, 16 March 2008.

“Finally, and also under those conditions, Abrahams and Frespech exhibit their privacy. In a digital environment, privacy always runs a risk, and this risk is becoming greater and greater as technologies become more and more pervasive; but, if one exposes his/her privacy, the risk disappears. Authors laugh at their privacy by showing their own bodies and movements as public documents, by allowing the anonymous audience to access them. At the same time, they suggest the possibility of living in a world where privacy is not a matter of concern any longer.

As I told above, I have enjoyed One the puppet of the other as an aesthetic experience, but, particularly, as a sugestive and alternative approach to my professional concerns. ”

Quote from the article by Alejandro Delgado Gómez

Archives & Social Studies: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Vol. 2, no. 1 ( rch 2008)

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  1. marga says:

    I don´t think you exposes your privacy by exposing your body to the anonimous audience. That is a fake. Privacy is in mind, no in bodies.



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