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Annie Abrahams


I AM (NOT) AN ARTWORK / JE (NE) SUIS (PAS) UNE OEUVRE D’ARTis a piece, started in 2002 on the site of the A text originally written by Bertrand Gauguet (a French art critic) can be changed by the visitors. Each change makes the text lighter of color and finally after 10 changes the text becomes white and dissolves in an all white page.
The French version is monochromatic since September 2007. The English version still has a few steps to go.

This piece is included in “MONOCHROME” a show organised by and has been shown before at the site “Les 20 ans des FRAC” in 2004.

The original text of Bertrand Gauguet:

BECAUSE jumping out of my bed, I switch on my computer to read new messages,
BECAUSE I often wait for replies that never come,
BECAUSE I cannot help to switch it on again after having switched it off,
BECAUSE I always hope to find some unexpected messages in it,
BECAUSE my loneliness can also be connected at 56 Ko,
BECAUSE Returned mail – User unknow

BECAUSE I want the web to tell me stories,
BECAUSE many links always send me back to the same distress,

BECAUSE my bookmarks reveal other outlines of my identity,
BECAUSE on the net, I is an other person (inaccessible),
BECAUSE on the net, I is everyone (accessible-no-no),
BECAUSE I is also a random snapshot of the collective identity,


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Annie Abrahams
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