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Annie Abrahams

GRIP, creation of an invisible network.

Now online : a photo of the grip offered to Antoine Moreau on the 14th of February 2003. Presented in Copyleft Session, gallery EOF.
GRIP, creation of an invisible network” Annie Abrahams 1990 – …..
Newspapers crushed to form a hand grip, mâché and dried, accompanied by a handwritten text on a small paper. Distributed during occasional meetings with people with whom I sympathise.
Nothing ,
a grip,
a bond with the others who also own one.

Annie Abrahams, 14 février 2003 & Fleur Moreau, 21 février 2003.
Photos, Antoine Moreau, 17 juillet 2008.
Copyleft: This is a free work, you can copy, distribute, and modify it under the terms of the Free Art License

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Annie Abrahams
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