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Annie Abrahams

Performative speech, or not.

Judith Butler, Avital Ronell and Donna Haraway and others, youtube video channel of the European Graduate School for Media & Communications.

It’s such a pleasure to see those people you normally only read. To experience their physicality and to be excited by this. (or not)

Lots more to see : Giorgio Agamben,Alain Badiou,John Perry Barlow,Victor Burgin,Sophie Calle,Hélène Cixous,David Cronenberg,Michel Deguy,Manuel DeLanda,Atom Egoyan,Tracey Emin,Peter Greenaway,Michael Hardt,Michel Houellebecq,Paul D. Miller,DJ Spooky,Jean-Luc Nancy,Quay Brothers,Bruce Sterling,Paul Virilio,John Waters,Slavoj Zizek,Jean-François Lyotard,Jean Baudrillard,Jacques Derrida etc.

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Annie Abrahams
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