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Annie Abrahams

Video “A fragmented relation” on-line

Original French title :  Relation entrecoupée 2009, 15 min.  Subtitles in English.  Information en français

Images and sound: Annie Abrahams and Nicolas Frespech.
Editing : Annie Abrahams, residency Artelinea – Art Contemporain, Congénies.

Two images, two voices answer oneanother, search for the other, get lost.
During machine mediated communication, is the other most present when nothing happens, when at least I think of him, her, this other?
A webcam mediated conversation treated to reveal the significance of  void in  regular human intercourse.

This video is a special version for the internet, an adaption of the two channel installation version showed for the first time at PPCM in Nîmes from 6 to 15 Mars 2009. This installation was also presented  the 10th of Mars 2009 at ERBA, Valence .

Sources images and sound : A webcam presentation 6 Mars 2008 by Annie Abrahams and Nicolas Frespech concerning the video “One a puppet of the other” in the Contemporary Art Centre, CAC, Le Quartier in Quimper, France.

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Annie Abrahams
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