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Last two days DIWO in HTTP Gallery

photo Lucy Mills

Do It With Others (DIWO) at the Dark Mountain.

Exhibition open 12-5pm, Friday-Sunday, till Saturday 30th January 2010

Disassembly Event– Mail out the Mail Art
Join us at the next full moon from 3 pm, Saturday 30th January 2010 for
our closing event- to take part and redistribute works from this
exhibition of eMail-Art provoked by the Dark Mountain project.

—> Take down the artworks and mail them back out into the world for
others to receive through the postal system.
—> Everyone who comes along gets to take an artwork away with them and
to send artworks to friends and acquaintances.

This event is a celebration of the DIWO (Do It With Others) spirit, the
collaborative process and excellent contributions from the artists who
took part. As well as a chance to reflect on the ideas and controversies
generated by The Dark Mountain Project, which provided the focus for the
exhibition. There will be eating and drinking!

If you cannot make it to the gallery but would like to receive a work of
art in the post (or know someone else who would)- please send your
postal address to marc.garrettatfurtherfielddotorg

Visit here for images of the exhibition opening and performance

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Annie Abrahams
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