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Annie Abrahams

Art Which Can’t Be Art

When I speak of activities and contexts that don’t suggest art, I don’t mean that an event like brushing my teeth each morning is chosen and then set into a conventional art context, as Duchamp and many others since him have done. That strategy, by which an art-identifying frame (such as a gallery or theater) confers “art value” or “art discourse” on some nonart object, idea, or event, was, in Duchamp’s initial move, sharply ironic. It forced into confrontation a whole bundle of sacred assumptions about creativity, professional skill, individuality, spirituality, modernism, and the presumed value and function of high art itself. Alan Kaprow, in “Art Which Can’t Be Art” (1986)

The UAVM Virtual Museum, from 28 October to 8 January, will present  on the NON BIENNALE a special selection of the Museum’s International Collection.

In this selection:
Aaron Nemec, “Sacred Scroll”, web art (from Cyberideologies)
Alan Bigelow, “Because you Asked”, web art (from Cyber Human Forms)
Alan Bigelow, “This is not a poem”, web art (from Cyberideologies)
André Sier, “No Memory Discs”, web art (from Cyber Human Forms)
Annie Abrahams, “Mutant”, video (from Cyberideologies)
Ben Dunkle, “8x8x1”, web art (from the Pixel Project)
Charles Veasey / Craig Tomkins, “Hmsg Spiral Map”, web art (from Cyberideologies)
David Clark, “88 Constellations”, web art (from Cyber Human Forms)
Jesus Aguilar, “No Entropy”, video (from the Pixel Project)
Jody Zellen, “Urban Fragments”, web art ((from Cyber Human Forms)
Matthias Fitz, “Electromagnetic Plot”, video (from the Pixel Project)
Mathieu Cherubini, “Afgan War”, web art (from Cyberideologies)
Michael Takeo Magruder, “Reflections”, web art (from Cyber Human Forms)
Rui Filipe Antunes, “Alive Life”, web art (from the Pixel Project)

Jose Vieira
(UAVM Artistic Director)

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Annie Abrahams
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