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Annie Abrahams

Image essay on ‘Training for a Better World’

Michael Szpakowski reviews Annie Abrahams’ exhibition with a photo essay combining photo documentation, self portraiture and simple lively drawings to capture the elements and atmospheres of networked interactions. V. enjoyable” Ruth Catlow on facebook.

Michael Szpakowski also wrote a review on Training for A Better World, my solo exhibition in the CRAC Sète for dvblog. He especially pays attention to the video installation called Angry Women :
There’s something both of portraiture and of the dance at work here, and a kind of found poetry too (which the moving image work has in common with the collaborative texts at the other end of the exhibition). The combination of iron control, planning, foresight (the grid, the protocols) with the letting go and trust evident elsewhere – the phased lengths, the blank space for the person who didn’t turn up, the open performative structure – makes for something of great richness. (english & français)

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Annie Abrahams
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