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Annie Abrahams & Jan de Weille

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Neural #43 Cover + Interview

neural 43

Printed Neural issue #43 “Networked Tangibility” ISSN 2037-108X

Interview with Annie Abrahams by Alessandro Ludovico page 40 – 42.
neural interview

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Aether9 – book

aether9 book

I profoundly enjoyed reading the Aether9 book published late October by Greyscale Press.
ISBN: 978-2-9700706-4-1
The book is based on the archives of aether9, a collaborative adventure exploring the danger zones of networked audio-visual live performance. (from 2007)

we have perhaps overlooked that we must not only play but play together? – let’s consider each other as an orchestra and truly imagine what it sound like when all musicians are playing solo at the same time … – non-slick, pixelated aesthetic challenges many important hypes : -the constant “newness” of new media-the ever higher resolution and the misguided idea that these things contribute to the value of the message – how to write an efficient script: – it feels as if we are squeezed between the contradiction of doing real experimentation and being entertaining. – never in complete control

The whole book (it smells deliciously of printer-ink) feels very familiar and makes me for a second time regret I didn’t meet the group earlier when they were still actively performing. I do hope we will be able to hear more about the project in the next Cyposium. What would they think to be the pitfalls and possibilities of remote artistic collaboration?

So strange to me, recognizing all kind of problematics in the aether9 work that I am still researching – why did they stop?, did they stop? Are there articles, insightfull texts about the work? Where can I find scripts?

More Aether9 reading : aether9 proceedings volume 1 issue 1 (reads as a theater play) and aether9 proceedings volume 3 issue 1 (feels as if I was there too) available via (2009)

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Review ‘Training for a Better World’ by Annie Abrahams

By Michael Szpakowski published in
and also in

“Nice review! I’m not so sure that I agree with all the assertions at the beginning – …works of art are not messages but objects. They don’t say things nor ask questions, nor assert, nor investigate. Neither do they as objects have messages somehow encoded or embedded within them. To assert otherwise is a massive category error.– but I very much like the way this is written; the descriptiveness of it, telling us what Annie’s work is like as well as what you think of it; and that nice epiphany on which you finish.Edward Picot

“When you remove yourself from the perpetual frothy churn of art_writing_lite on the net, you get insightful, empathetic, reflective writing like this.” Play Damage

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ANGRY 1 & 2

12 12 2012 19h, 24h – Paris time – find your local time
Online in the multi-platform programme of the UpStage Festival of Cyberformance.
Two performances for Testing – 1 2, 1 2, 1 2
IRL 18h30 à Kawenga territoires numériques, Montpellier

Annie Abrahams with/avec Derek Piotr, Ursula Endlicher, Bérénice Belpaire, Laurie Bellanca, Gretta Louw, Antye Greie, Martina Ruhsam, Sébastien Zaegel, Christophe Alix, Simona Polvani, Pascale Barret, Julie Châteauvert, Ienke Kastelein, Suzon Fuks, Gaetan Rusquet and Igor Stromajer.

Streaming interface: Ivan Chabanaud – Kawenga scène(s) numérique(s)
Technical assistence: Jan de Weille

ANGRY will be the 7th and 8th performances in the frame of Angry Women: an artistic research project on remote communication and collaboration using anger as a pretext. You can also say that it is an artistic research project on female anger using webcam performances as a facilitator.

So far six experiments have been done. Five different approaches with only women and one with only men. Testing 12,12,12 will be the occasion to continue this series and to experiment with a mixed male / female version for the first time.

Information, images, vid(eé)os, text(e)s:

ANGRY est le septième volet du projet Angry Women, un projet de recherche artistique concernant la communication et la collaboration à distance en utilisant la colère comme prétexte. On pourrait également dire que c’est un projet de recherche artistique autour de la colère féminine qui utilise des performances en ligne comme méthode.

Jusqu’à maintenant, six expérimentations avec des approches différentes ont eu lieu. Cinq performances avec ne que des femmes et une avec seulement des hommes. Testing 12,12,12 est l’occasion de faire une performance mixte pour la première fois.

Performance protocol en français .pdf
Performance protocole in English .pdf 

9 Screengrabs ANGRY 1 …
10 Screengrabs ANGRY 2 …

“La colère, si elle est prétexte au départ, ne s’est pas sentie, directement, mais plutôt qu’une réaction primaire elle semble plutôt donner naissance à une expression profondément singulière, peut être une manière de “déjouer” l’adversaire en lui proposant une forme non pas qui l’écrase ou le domine, mais qui pourrait peut être, un court moment lui faire perdre les pédales, ou les manettes: “I don’t want to be manipulated“. A l’heure ou n’importe quelle information s’échange, se télécharge, se pirate, se récupère, se contrôle, où on pourrait remplacer le mot “information” par le mot “vie”, ta proposition condense un temps absolument autre et absolument vrai à la fois, qui, si on reparle de l’adversaire, pourrait bien lui échapper…enfin!” Réaction par mail de Jean-Marc Demay .pdf

ANGRY 1 projection at Kawenga territoires numériques

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Table ronde Silence Vert

Samedi 08 décembre, à partir de 18h00 / Chapelle de la Condamine / 11 rue du Mûrier / Le Vigan
Silence Vert table ronde rassemblant Annie Abrahams, Ruth Catlow, Pascal Nicolas-Le Strat, Alessandro Ludovico, Manuel Fadat et Art-Act (Gaspard et Sandra Bébié-Valérian) organisé par OUDEIS.

A partir de Silence Vert, des œuvres et installations, des problématiques soulevées, des perspectives ouvertes, il est proposé aux intervenants de la table ronde, du lieu de leur champ, de leurs actions et de leurs positionnements, de s’intéresser à la question des pratiques artistiques « conçues comme contre-pouvoirs constituants » (l’expression est empruntée à P.N. Lestrat).

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Performance is Reality

12 11 2012 6pm Global Concept Exchange – Collaboration & Community.
Invitation Randall Packer, CallArts Open Source Studio.
Guest speakers: Marc Garrett, and Ruth Catlow,, with Annie Abrahams, Helen Varley Jamieson, Nathaniel Stern, Andy Deck.

Performance is Reality.
“If there was any doubt about intimacy in the telematic embrace, you just need to experience it for yourself. As Annie Abrahams pointed out – who led us in a telematic happening last Friday – it’s not really a theoretical question, it’s experiential. The simplicity of her thesis is staggering. You can question, analyze, and research this problem until the cows come home, but put twenty people in front of a webcam via video-conference, and well, the proof is in the pudding. All that was required to complete the moment was to be there, even though “being there” in the virtual space poses yet another theoretical can of worms.” Randall Packer in Up close and personal with Furtherfield.

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Trapped to Reveal – On webcam mediated communication and collaboration

Journal for Artistic Research
An online, peer-reviewed journal for the publication and discussion of artistic research. ISSN 2235-0225

JAR2 is now online with contributions by:

Annie Abrahams (FR), Juan Carlos Castro (CA) and Daniel T. Barney (USA), Krien Clevis (NL), humhyphenhum (Deborah Harty (UK) and Phil Sawdon (UK)), Eric T. Hetzler (UK), Brita Lemmens (NL), Vida L Midgelow (UK) and Tom Williams (UK), Ruby Wallis (IE)

Abstract of  Trapped to Reveal – On webcam mediated communication and collaboration : An exposition concerning my collaborative webcam performance projects, focussing on / trying to determine the special aspects of machine mediated communication and collaboration.
I wanted to use this opportunity to organise the material from three of my webcam performance projects (Huis Clos / No Exit, Duet Satz 1, 2, 3,4 and Angry Women) in a way that would reveal their essence in a few short lines. This, as I should have known, is impossible. It is about performance, it is about processes and human beings being transformed. I formulated motives, described means and I managed to give this research a succint philosophical and political background. Relevant experiences and reactions are clustered and a short text and conclusion distilled.

Direct access to my article.

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Towards an aesthetics of failure

“Far from an inconvenience, however, such embodied, frustrating and universal encounters with technology were depicted as a type of digital aesthetic. Both Maria X and Ruth Catlow – co-founder of the Furtherfield organisation ­– discussed the work of Annie Abrahams, an artist who strips social media of its cosy interfaces to reveal the futility of communication and the impossibility of shared experience.”

Elaine Speight for a-n The Artists Information Company in the article Towards an aesthetics of failure on the Digital Aesthetic³ conference in Preston.

a-n Stimulating and supporting contemporary visual arts practice

The Digital Aesthetic³ exhibition is at Harris Museum & Art Gallery until 5 January 2013.

ps I don’t agree on the part quoted, but the article overall is sensible and interesting. (AA)

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Perform or Die – Rooiekop

November 6: TUESDAY at NOON in PS2
MaMRI event

Media & Memory Research Initiative’s
University of Hull’s Scarborough Campus

Perform or Die
Annie Abrahams (Multimedia Artist)

We live in a very demanding society, where even our “friends” have become commodities. Annie Abrahams will talk about how she, in her performance practice, tries to find ways to escape or to counterbalance this tendency.

Live Show [Procaster] Tue Nov 6 2012 07:22:24 AM
(Sorry for the reclame in the beginning)

November 8
University of Hull’s Scarborough Campus Studio PS3
Workshop : Rooiekop
Find words to insult, categorise them, invent others, act them out. Re-enact parts of TafelLaken. Experience insults mediated by technologie using videostreaming technics. Is it different? Does it change the relation? The power? The affective impact?
Invitation by Dr Christophe Alix.

With : Ben Robinson, Christophe Alix, Daniel Eric Farrar, Emily Loombe, Fran Bundey, Lydia Doyle, Patricia Wells, Sean Phillips and Tony Chapman.

One day together, three test protocols, three networked performance sessions to end with a first try.

More screen captures on flickr.
Three protocols test en pdf.

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Upcoming / ongoing

  • 05/09 18h CET ut ut ut Utterings the Practice, Every First Monday of the Month. Open to all.
  • Constallationsss ongoing with Alice Lenay, Pascale Barret, Alix Desaubliaux et occasionellement Gwendoline Samidoust et Carin Klonowski.
  • Distant Movements with Muriel Piqué and Daniel Pinheiro - ongoing
  • End of 2022 yearly reconnection Distant Feelings with Daniel Pinheiro - open to others.
  • My blog on What language does to you or not. (E)stranger.

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