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Annie Abrahams

Margarida Carvalho : On Duet – Satz, A letter to Annie.

In fact I think that the series Duet – Satz as well as the first series MeetingS – ConversationS work on the idea of affect as perception of our existence in the world, our vitality and becoming, and so, too, of our ability to create and share other times and spaces. Affect implies bodies and, as it makes them porous, it also moves through the intercorporeal world. Maybe that’s why I find it so appropriate the coordination between breathing and the occupy movement that you weave in Duet – Satz 1, Breathing. “Occupy breath,” that is, “occupy one’s own body” is a principle of performative and political rupture with the spectacle of the manipulation of the affections, typical to the dominant neoliberalism, which leaves us precisely “breathless”, able to spend money but no time, immersed in permanent crisis and alertness

Extract from On Duet – Satz, A letter to Annie by Margarida Carvalho. This text is a reaction on a series of Domestic Streaming Performances by Antye Greie (AGF Poemproducer) and Annie Abrahams (1010 – 1011).

Margarida Carvalho is lecturer at the School of Communication and Media Studies (Lisbon Polytechnic Institute)

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Annie Abrahams
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