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Annie Abrahams


On The EdgeSnotlap, schoft, prat, octopus, bastard, slaggy, loaf of bread, pussy, drool, retarded gherkin, airhead, …

20 02 2013  7.30 pm
On The Edge
PS1, Scarborough Campus,
University Of Hull,
Filey Road, Scarborough,
United Kingdom, Y011 3AZ

Cost: £4 (£3 concessions)

Performance – and net artist Annie Abrahams tackles the insult, she insults, is insulted and wants to be insulted. You can ask her why, but she won’t respond.

Snotlap is a Dutch argot word for handkerchief used when the artist was a little girl to insult schoolmates.

Snotlap is a performance about power relations, gender, taboos, childhood and fathers (and of course mothers), resistance and control, transcending interdictions and delivery.

Snotlap invites the public to join in, to experience insulting mediated by technologie using videostreaming technics. Is it different? Easier, hilarious, insulting, liberating? Makes it feel you powerful? Can you play with it? And why should you do it?

English equivalent of TafelLaken – this time I intend not to start laughing and I prepare to stand the insults.

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Annie Abrahams
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