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Annie Abrahams

Cyberformance Manifesto Writing Performance

While editing the upcoming book on the first Cyposium, we (Helen Varley Jamieson, Clara Gomes and me) noticed that Helen’s manifesto ( from 2008 triggered discussion and needed some updating.
So we organised a collectif writing session on a piratepad and asked the participants of this Cyposium to write, discuss and battle the concept of Cyberformance with us.
Approximate time 1 hour.

Tuesday 26 march, at 9pm CET,.

– before the performance, please read the manifesto
– try to keep discussion on particular points in the space after that point of the manifesto
– anything can be changed, including the rules.

We had an exhilirating and thoughtprovoking writing session. You can still see the result on the piratepad. Please use the timeslider (top right) to see the history of the writing process.

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Annie Abrahams
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