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Some remarks on Reading Club

ThitextIss work is under Free Art License. You can copy, distribute and transform it freely, if it contains the following information: “Reading Club by Annie Abrahams and Emmanuel Guez, 3.9.11 _i_dentity_x _or[s]c[h]ism_ (2005-09-29 06:17) by Mary-Ann Breeze, Human Readable Messages ( Traumawien , 2011), September 23  2013, Readers : Alan Sondheim, Curt Cloninger, Helen Varley Jamieson, Lucille Calmel and Pascale Gustin”.
One of the things the Reading Club wants to do is to make people think (again) about texts that “everyone” talks about but not nescessarily read before. We also think it is good to read them anew and reconsider their content in the actual situation.

Each session of the Reading Club is prepared with a partner – this means that together we choose the text to be “read” and then after that the “readers” we would like to invite for the performance.

Personnaly I like to confront the “readers” with a text, to see them writing their reading together, to see the development of thought in which all four participate in their own way, but which none of them can master or monopolise. I hope to see evolving an idea of the multitude. It is also very important that the audience while watching this process, can comment and exchange in a chatwindow and will this way participate in the writing of a second text.”

Annie Abrahams in an announcement of the next sessions (21 and 22 October with Furtherfield) of the Reading Club by Filippo Lorenzin, L’identità aumentata

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Annie Abrahams
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