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Une écriture en mouvement pop’lab #14

poplab1200pop’lab #14 reading club’ – 20 pages de plaisir – pdf à imprimer mostly French, some English, color full

Images 9 performances Récits extraits des articles de Simona Polvani, Mark JahJah, Maf’j Alvarez et Alessandro Ludovico. Textes composés par Annie Abrahams et Emmanuel Guez avec les réponses de Lanfranco Aceti, Philippe Aigrain, Gaspard Bébié-Valerian, Sandra Bébié-Valérian, BridA (Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica), Lucille Calmel, Ruth Catlow, Jennifer Chan, Curt Cloninger, Manuel Fadat, Jerome Fletcher, Pascale Gustin, Andrej Hrvatin, Catherine Lenoble, Alessandro Ludovico, Antoine Moreau, Cornelia Sollfrank, Renee Turner, Alexandra Saemmer, Alan Sondheim, Colette Tron, Helen Varley Jamieson, Sophie Wahnich, à un questionnaire portant sur leur expérience du Reading Club. Playliste ReadingClub son Christian Vialard, vidéo Adrien Chevrot – Jeu de Paume, vidéo Antoine Moreau, gif animé Curt Cloninger. Entretien Annick Rivoire. +

QU’EST-CE QUE LE READING CLUB? / WHAT IS THE READING CLUB ? Read the rest of this entry »

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Press Release CyPosium – the book

New Book Explores Live Performance on the Internet

A new book exploring the field of cyberformance – live performance events that connect remote participants via the internet – offers a variety of perspectives on this multi-disciplinary live art form.

CyPosium – the book has been edited by Annie Abrahams and Helen Varley Jamieson.
Its contributors are Adriene Jenik, Alan Sondheim, Alberto Vazquez, Annie Abrahams, Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn, Cherry Truluck, Clara Gomes, Helen Varley Jamieson, James Cunningham, Joseph DeLappe, Liz Bryce, Maria Chatzichristodoulou, Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič, Miljana Perić, Rob Myers, Roger Mills, Ruth Catlow, Stephen A. Schrum and Suzon Fuks.

CyPosium – the book is published by Link Editions, in partnership with La Panacée, Montpellier, as part of “Open”, a series of catalogues, essay collections and pamphlets co-published with partner institutions. It is available as a print-on-demand paperback, e-book and downloadable PDF.

CyPosium – the book presents selected material from the CyPosium, a one-day online symposium organised in October 2012 to discuss cyberformance. Artists from a range of backgrounds have experimented in this field for as long as they have had access to the internet, and the CyPosium sought to remember and celebrate some of this ephemeral and pioneering work.The 12-hour event consisted of online presentations and facilitated discussions, and attracted an audience from around the world who engaged in a lively, vibrant real-time conversation.
CyPosium – the book continues and expands on this discussion by presenting texts, chat log excerpts, discussion transcripts, edited email conversations, creative chat excerpt essays and illustrations from the event, along with responses to the event.

CyPosium – the book will be of interest to practitioners, students and researchers of digital and online arts. While its focus is live performance, the contributors hail from a wide range of practice both online and offline, and their writing illustrates the hybrid nature of contemporary arts involving digital technologies. Music, dance, poetry, sound art and the visual arts all feature, as well as entertainment and social practices such as computer games, virtual worlds and online dating. Common themes that emerged during the CyPosium are also present in the book, such as the changing role of the audience; intimacy in the online environment; and mortality. This breadth of form and content reflects the ever-increasing ubiquity of the internet and digital technologies in our daily lives as well as our arts practices.

Order your copy via Lulu or Amazon:

Read the ebook on issuu

Downloadable PDF on

For further information contact:
Helen Varley Jamieson ( ) and / or Annie Abrahams ( )CyPosium_the_book

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CyPosium the book Launch


The net artists Gretta Louw and Helen Varley Jamieson warmly invite you to PLATFORM (Munich) for an evening of networked performance: an exhibition tour and the launch of CyPosium – the book, with online performative readings.
Friday 12 Dezember, 19:00
Gastatelier, PLATFORM
Kistlerhofstr. 70 > Haus 60 > 3. Stock
81379 München

Join the event online from 7.45 PM : this link will be live 15 min­utes before show­time.

The read­ers are: Alberto Vazquez (Argentina), Annie Abra­hams (France), Christina Papa­gian­nouli (UK), Clara Gomes (Por­tu­gal), Helen Var­ley Jamieson (Ger­many), James Cun­ning­ham (Aus­tralia), Liz Bryce (Aotearoa New Zealand), Mil­jana Perić (Ser­bia), Nathalie Fougeras (Swe­den) and Vicki Smith (Aotearoa New Zealand).

Edited by Annie Abrahams and Helen Varley Jamieson, CyPosium- the book presents selected material from the CyPosium, a one-day symposium held in 2012 to discuss cyberformance. The book is published by Link Editions in partnership with La Panacée (Montpellier). It is avail­able as a free pdf or full colour hard copy.

The contributors of the book are Adriene Jenik, Alan Sondheim, Alberto Vazquez, Annie Abrahams, Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn, Cherry Truluck, Clara Gomes, Helen Varley Jamieson, James Cunningham, Joseph DeLappe, Liz Bryce, Maria Chatzichristodoulou, Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič, Miljana Perić, Rob Myers, Roger Mills, Ruth Catlow, Stephen A. Schrum and Suzon Fuks. Some of these contributors, and organisers of the CyPosium, will appear live on Friday evening from their locations around the world, to read extracts from the book.

Down­load the press release.

The book launch is organised in the frame of the exhibition Net Work, curated by Gretta Louw. This exhibition deals with work that is located at the intersection of performance and net art. The emerging genre of networked performance makes strong statements about the development of art history, and also about our relationship to technology and its impact on culture, society, labor and psychology.


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Pixxelpoint 2014 – I am an Artwork


Pixxelpoint 2014 – Media Art Festival
Nova Gorica SI / Gorizia IT
5 – 12 December 2014
Curator : Igor Štromajer
Presented by Annie Abrahams :
– Two poster with a collection of phrases from “Je suis une oeuvre d’art : oui, non, peut être” published in 2006 during a performance/lecture/battle of the same phrases in the exhibition “Chauffe Marcel!” organized by FRAC Languedoc Roussillon in La Panacée, Montpellier.
– Website archive of “Am I an artwork? Yes, no, maybe.” as it exists since 2007 on the website of the FRACLR. (

nonPixxelJe suis une oeuvre d’art : oui, non, peut être – Am I an artwork? Yes, no, maybe.” commissioned by the FRACLR in 2002 and active on their website till 2007. The piece questioned the relation between netart and the art world on the website of an official art institution.

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Net Work Platform Münich

Annie Abrahams participates in
Net Work by Gretta Louw with

Angry Women Waiting 2011 – 2014
One the Puppet of the Other 2007 with Nicolas Frespech.
Dec. 12 19h CyPosium – the book Presentation and Performance. 2014 with Helen Varley Jamieson.

PLATFORM Kistelerhofstr 70  Munich
3 November – 31 December 2014

Opening hours:
Mo – Fr, 10 – 19h

27 November 19h

Net Work is an exhibition, curated by current PLATFORM artist in residence Gretta Louw , that  looks at work being made at the intersection of performance and net art. The emerging genre of ‘networked performance’ can make powerful statements not only about the development of art history, but also our relationship to technology, and the impact that this has on the direction that culture, society, the workforce, and psychology are taking.

The exhibition includes work by Gretta Louw, Luke Munn, Igor Štromajer, Annie Abrahams and plan b (Sophia New und Daniel Belasco Rogers), as well as a new project developed by Louw during her residency at PLATFORM: The Net Work Compendium is an evolving collection of short videos, from artists working with networks and performativity, offering viewers a unique introduction to this avant garde mode of art-making.

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Würmer, Horrorstreifen une Die schwer kalkulierbare Entfernung zur Kunst

Subversive Systems. Poetic Transfiguration of the Digital
Subversive Systeme. Poetische Transfiguration des Digitalen
Stadtgalerie Mannheim; group show, 23 Oct – 30 Nov 2014
Artists: Annie Abrahams, [epidemiC] / Franco Berardi, plan b, Volker Hartmann-Langenfelder, Igor Štromajer
Curator: Benedikt Stegmayer


© Mannheimer Morgen, Dienstag, 28.10.2014 – Die Dramatik des Quellcodes Von Christel Heybrock.
KUNST: Die Ausstellung “Subversive Systeme” in der Stadtgalerie Mannheim zeigt Arbeiten, die Computer und Internet nutzen.

… und die zeitweise aufgerissenen Münder, aus denen sich die Zungen wie dicke Würmer hervorarbeiten, lassen das Ganze zum Horrorstreifen werden. So ähnlich müssen es wohl auch die beiden Darsteller empfunden haben. . .
NO, no, not at all it was “better”. AA Oct 2008.


Ausgesprochen schwierig ist es, in einer Performance, in der 24 Frauen schreien, den Kunststatus ohne weiteres zu erkennen….   ….Diese Performances berühren eher die Sphäre Psychologie oder die Soziologie als die Kunst.
Aus Die schwer kalkulierbare Entfernung zur Kunst Zur Ausstellung „Poetische Transfiguration des Digitalen“ in der Stadtgalerie Mannheim. Dr. M. Chlumsky: ZEITUNGSARTIKEL Rhein Neckar Zeitung. Text Nr. 67 9.11.2014.

Having articles about your work is nice and I never cared a lot about their content. It was ok, I trusted people, – some articles, as for instance Maria Chatzichristodoulou‘s article on my show at HTTP gallery (now furtherfield) published in Digicult in 2010, were even inspiring – but this time there are painfull errors. I don’t care about the somehow agressive negative tone, but the errors, yes. SHAME on you Herr Dr. Chlumsky.


Sowohl Štromajers „Ballettikka Internettikka“ als auch Abrahams „The Big Kiss“ verwenden die Digitalisierung, um klassische Performances zu verändern und zu komplettieren.
Subversive Systeme, INKA Das Stadtmagazin für Kunst & Kultur in Karlsruhe, Baden, Pfalz und Nordelsass, 23.11.2013.

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Hommage à Yann Le Guennec II.

intonActionYannphoto Hortense Gauthier

Le samedi 4 octobre 2014 à 20h30 pendant le festival INTON’ACTION #4 à DATABAZ à Angoulême Annie Abrahams, Philippe Boisnard, Anouk Nina Gonzàlez, Joel Hubaut, Christine Quoiraud, Marguerite Bobey et Aymeric d’Afflon ont lu:

who’s afraid of ? La vie en intelligence collective” – les archives. Hommage à Yann Le Guennec.
– une pièce de théâtre en deux actes d’après un échange émail de 2005 entre les membres du groupe Lieudit.

J’avais écrit la pièce en 2005 sur un coup de colère, comme seule issue possible d’une discussion sur le sort du site de lieudit. Quand je l’ai relue je découvre qu’elle met à nu bien des aspects de la problématique de l’archivage encore actuelle, surtout actuelle, aujourd’hui. Je découvre aussi qu’elle contient un très beau portrait de Yann Le Guennec, le plasticien internet qui est décédé le 12 juillet dernier à seulement 45 ans. J’aimais bien Yann.

Voici LieuditYannDatabazYann.pdf qui contient le texte que nous avons lu, assis sur une estrade fragile, instable, dressée par Philippe.

L’annonce en ligne de la performance, plus d’info.

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Kaj misliš s tem? / What do you mean? – sound piece

Sound piece after : On April 17th 2014 there was a performance Kaj misliš s tem? / What do you mean? at Kult3000, Metelkova, Ljubljana, with Annie Abrahams, Martina Rusham, Jana Wilcoxen and Chantal van Mourik.

Annie, Jana, Chantal and Martina wrote text, using only their mothertongue, about their experience of living in a country where they couldn’t speak their monthertongue and had to learn a new language. They used a shared textpad. They translated their text phrase by phrase via Google in Slovenian. The Slovenian text was fed to Alpineon’s TTS software made by Proteus and diffused live to the performance public. Brane Zorman recorded this sound.

Yet another translation into English gave a poem called You have to accept (a FEW times). New language that you can find here.

The soundpiece was presented in the exhibition Mie lahkoo pomagate ? (can you help me ?) from 21 October to 7 November 2014 in Aksioma Project Space, in Ljubljana. Production CONA.

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Keeping in touch (with an unknown other)

Keeping in touch (with an unknown other) – Annie Abrahams

Saturday 8 Nov, 5-7pm & Sunday 9 Nov, 4-6pm

Networked Bodies – Digital Performance Weekender at Watermans, 40 High Street Brentford TW8 0DS London

Curated by Maria Chatzichristodoulou (aka Maria X) and Irini Papadimitriou

Two people will create together an image of touch using webcams. Under physical constraints of the used technology, which recalls those suffered by our body during daily computer use, they will touch each other in a vacuum. The public can see both, the created image in a video projection of two webcams and the two bodies positioned in space resembling living sculptures and minimal dance.
Streaming: Ivan Chabannaud

Complete programme

Related to Touched and Manipulated. Merci à La Tapisserie.



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Un Artiste qui ne vend rien est-elle un Artiste ?

Le 23 octobre 2014 de 21h à 22h (heure de Paris)
Tchat par le collectif éphémère NBIA – No Budget Internet Art

Annie Abrahams, Pascale Barret, Christophe Bruno, Émilie Gervais, Emmanuel Guez

Trace unique de ce tchat, un cartel visible pendant l’exposition Variation Media Art Fair à Paris est mis aux enchères par le vendeur nbia2014 sur (now 20.50 euro)


Les enchères dureront du 20 octobre au 26 octobre 2014.
La mise à prix de départ est de 1,00 €.

Courtoisie Emmanuel Guez

Le dimanche 26 octobre 2014, à 23:05:48 (heure de Paris), le cartel a été vendu, après 29 enchères, pour la somme de 49,50€. Le collectif éphémère NBIA a été dissous au même moment.

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Upcoming / ongoing

Dec. 14, 6pm CET, yearly reconnection Distant Feelings with Daniel Pinheiro - open to others.

14/01 - 21/02 2023, a kiss, deux imprimées sur aluminium, Poésie Numérique, curation Jacques Donguy, Galerie Satellite, 7 rue François de Neufchâteau, Paris.

ut ut ut Utterings the Practice, postponed.

Constallationsss with Alice Lenay, Pascale Barret, Alix Desaubliaux et occasionellement Gwendoline Samidoust et Carin Klonowski.

Distant Movements with Muriel Piqué and Daniel Pinheiro.

(E)stranger. Research on What language does to you or not.

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