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Annie Abrahams

Talk on collaboration in cyberformance (pdf)

: Communication is never clean smooth and transparent

: Machines don’t make communication easier, they just change it.

: Machines are fragile and need a lot of attention

: humans also have hormones and moods in front of a screen

: Communication is always dangerous

: About relational dynamics in a dispersed group

: investigating and staging the limits and possibilities of machine mediated collaboration and co-creation

: Alone together

: sharing a place of expression and responsibility

: Loneliness
: adolescent group-dynamics and partying

: Mirrored image
: Losing spatial control
: Can’t trust the body

: Bodies are absent, have become disorienting images, but exist in front of the screen

: Bodies constraint due to fixed position imposed by headset and webcam

: Evolving in a unified soundscape incapable of knowing who says what

: Details, subtleties in face and body expression are lacking
: the image is pixelized and of low quality

: The gaze is wandering across the screen
: There cannot be a complete overview
: There is no peripheral view

: Due to network delays there is No unified timeframe

: Perceiving what is going on is difficult
: Interacting is hazardous

: no  leader
: no one controls

: Vulnerabilities (hidden code) are revealed

: Beyond self-representation and control

: Aesthetics of attention and trust

: It’s all about behavior

: How to listen ?
: When to act ?
: Where is my place ?
: What shall I do ?
: Where can I be ?
: Where is the we ?
: What can we do ?
: Where do I stand ?
: Who can I touch ?

: And the audience ?

: Give them real agency
: Let them make a difference

: Or tell interesting stories

While passionate, persevering, trusting and with all senses “on” you need to accept …  Talk Signalraum Night of Cyberformance  09 / 01 /2014,
Signalraum für Klang une Kunst, Münich and online for the Upstage’s 10th birthday event.

pdf 44 slides with images :

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Annie Abrahams
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