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Annie Abrahams

It is not about the project it is about the relation – Talk


Trubar Litterature House
08 April 2014 19h
Stritarjeva 7
1000 Ljubljana
Tel. : 01 256 56 94

Artist talk : It is not about the project it is about the relation.

Intention: A talk about how relations and behaviour are at the core of my artistic work and about what it means to work on an aesthetics of attention and trust. Using examples of my collective writing and online streaming performances I will try to shed light on the liberating aspects of the human messy sides of interaction in online environments.

Talk in the frame of my 4 weeks residency with CONA and JSKD* in Ljubljana, which will be centered around the notion of being an (E)stranger.


When 12 years old, I went to high school for the first time, I noticed I didn’t speak the same way as the other pupils. I went mute for three days before trying to communicate again. In 1986 I moved from the Netherlands to France and once again I was a ‘stranger’. I was the one who had to learn a new language, who had an accent, who was difficult to understand, the one the others had difficulties paying attention to because she spoke slowly and had bad grammar. I was the ‘broken’ one. But I also was the outsider, the one with distance, the one who didn’t know the rules, and so wasn’t obliged to follow them, the one who could also be free.
So when invited by Cona, to come to Slovenia I decided to go back once more to the position of being a stranger, of creatively playing with this place, of researching its possibilities, beyond it’s handicapping proprieties and make work about that.

notes on the project

production CONA
partners JSKD, French Institute Ljubljana

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Annie Abrahams
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