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Annie Abrahams

Performance unaussprechbarlich Schwere Reiter.


Dezember 4 20h Schwere Reiter Proberaum, Dachauer Straße 114, München.
Tram 12, 20, 21, Bus 53, Leonrodplatz. Eintrit 12 / 8 euros.

Unausprechbarlich untersucht die schmerzvolle, lustige und lebensverändernde Erfahrung in einer anderen Sprache als die eigene Muttersprache zu kommunizieren.
Die Künstlerinnen sind beide Migrantinnen – Annie reiste vor dreißig Jahren von Holland nach Frankreich und Helen kam im 2010 von Neuseeland nach Deutschland.

Annie und Helen laden das Publikum ein, mit ihnen in ein Sprachgewirr jenseits eindeutiger Bedeutungen einzutauchen, das eine Welt erscheinen läßt, die unser aller Nomadenhaftigkeit sinnfällig macht.

Danach gibt es jeweils zusätzlich eine musikalisches Angebot eines aktuellen Villa-Waldberta-Stipendiaten aus Polen in der interaktiven Veranstaltungsreihe Matchpoint mit Franciszek Araskiewicz.

Wir sind Dankbar für die Unterstützung von: Landeshauptstadt München Kulturreferat; Künstlerhaus Villa Waldberta; Doku e.V; Schwere Reiter Theater; Lothringer13 Halle; Reading Club.
Die performance ist ein Unterteil von unaussprechbarlich; ein Forschungsprojekt, eine Website und eine Performanceserie. Externer Berater : Horst Konietzny

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besides, smaller than a single pixel – pixxelpoint performance

November 28th 2015 18h30
besides, smaller than a single pixel,
networked performance
Martina Ruhsam and Annie Abrahams
pixxelpoint 2015 festival, Nova Gorica (Slo), Gorizia (I)
Curator: Igor Stromajer

You can assist in Nova Gorica or online in Waterwheel
(please come a bit early because the streaming interface needs time to load – upto 3min.)

Martina will be streaming live from the Nova Gorica City Gallery in Slovenia and Annie from Villa Waldberta in Feldafing, Germany.


besides, smaller than a single pixel is a real-time composition in which daily objects interrelate in an interface that usually frames the heads of humans. Annie Abrahams and Martina Ruhsam communicate by juxtaposing and restituating objects and by reading a text that is recomposed during the course of the performance. Unexpected links between thing and thing, object and text, image and sound appear. Sometimes the inorganic performers hijack the discussion. Scissors meet a knife which coincides with the word capitalism before being replaced by a little white box that is temporarily allied with anonymity. While matches and a paperbag are juxtaposed, a discussion about being post-image takes place that is followed by inorganic pulsations. The conversation meanders through unpredictable territories and is disseminated among various human and nonhuman agents.
– text / script of the performance already available before .pdf
log of tchat during the performance.
– screencaptured video archive

Before the performance at 5PM Martina gave a lecture The It As Actant in the Nova Gorica City Gallery. Here is the .pdf of this lecture.

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ReadingClub – unaussprechbarlich

Ein online kollektives Schreibexperiment über
Die Schwierigkeiten und Freuden von Deutschlernen
Igor Stromajer, Sandra Sarala, Helen Varley Jamieson und Annie Abrahams.

Das Publikum kann dieses poetische Battle live anschauen und kommentieren.
Klicken Sie bitte am 21. November ein bisschen vor 21 Uhr auf das Websitelink

Im Rahmen von Unaussprechbarlich, einem Forschungsprojekt, einer Website und einer Performanceserie von Annie Abrahams und Helen Varley Jamieson, wo die Künstlerinnen die eigene Dynamik von Sprachen erforschen und der Frage nachgehen, wie stark das, was wir unsere Kultur nennen, durch die Sprache geprägt ist.

Unaussprechbarlich wird ermöglicht durch eine Residenz in der Villa Walberta und die Unterstützung des Kulturreferats der LH München. Externer Berater : Horst Konietzny.

You can join us in the ethereal weirdness of our non-native finger-activated tongues” Sandra Sarala

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Ich bin ein Feldafinger

ichInEinenAnderenZietalterImage from a wall painting at the Villa Waldberta.

For almost two months I’ll be a resident at Villa Walberta in Feldafing near to München. Besides enjoying the beautiful countryside (I am lucky with the weather sofar) I will be working with Helen Varley Jamieson on Unaussprechbarlich : an exploration of how the level of mastery of a language affects attitudes, psychological conditions and political positions. We do this in German, a language we both don’t speak and write very well.

Unaussprechbarlich will also be a performance that negotiates meaning beyond the monolingual condition.
You can follow our research here :

Villa Walberta is a beautiful and, for me, strange place. A place once owned by a Dutch publisher, called Sijthof, who grafitied the building in 1903 with a painting of an eagle and the words “Altijd Waek Saem” (“always vigilent” but also “always awake together”). After the war it was for 8 years a place for “displaced persons” (DP’s / heimatslose Zivilpersonen) and now I live here with a Slovenian, an Iranian and a Russian translator and a Greek grafik artist.

“Weltweit sind 60 Millionen Menschen auf der Flucht – das besagen die Statistiken des UN-Flüchtlingshilfswerks UNHCR. Es sind Menschen, die vor Bürgerkriegen fliehen, vertrieben wurden oder der Armut entkommen wollen. Seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg waren noch nie so viele Menschen gleichzeitig auf der Flucht.” Source

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Italian “translation” of Separation / Séparation

Mauro Carassai and Renata Morresi made an Italian powerpoint and javascript translation (2012) of Separation/Séparation (2002). They didn’t have the flash source codes and so imagined how translation of this piece of E-lit could be done from its experience alone.

Translation, Mutation, Decay.

The powerpoint version is hilarious (after clicking through 184 slides it stops – the poem can’t be read completely).
The javascript version doesn’t work in all browsers and lacks some features, but does give an impression. ( View source: )

That’s what time can, will do with a piece of electronic art, I thought.
E-lit also is like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall.

Carassi and Morresi wrote an article about their adventure which appreared as Verbal Disengagements: Translating Language Games in Annie Abrahams’s Separation/Séparation in Translating E-Literature (2015). Eds. Regnauld, Arnaud and Abrioux, Yves. Bibliothèque de l’Université Paris 8 (Saint-Denis, France).

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vivre entre – from estranger to e-stranger

Le samedi 26 septembre je participera au festival Magdalena Project Montpellier à La Bulle Bleue, 285 rue du Mas de Prunet à Montpellier. Sur réservation 0467421861.
14:00 – 19:00 Formes courtes : 10 à 30 min. Performances autour de créations en cours.

Je présenterai vivre entre – from estranger to e-stranger, une conférence performée autour de mon livre from estranger to e-stranger – living in between languages sur invitation de Marion Coutarel.
zit2 helen schoot 21240783353_1437eff3e3_q annieloopt textcarre ondersteboven21835685526_5a9dfdec50_q
Photos de Suzon Fuks – D’autres dans son flickr ici.
Le score, texte de la performance : .pdf

 Un (e)stranger est invisible, exotique, inidentifié, impoli, hybride, flou, subversif, complexe, pliable, dur et fragile

The Magdalena Project, Montpellier. 21 – 26 septembre

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Choose Your Muse – interview

politics, art, influences, encounters, difficulties, uniqueness, inspiration, iritation, understanding

Marc Garrett interviewed me for the Choose Your Muse series on Furtherfield.

And he made this image to go with it, Thanks Marc!

Other interviews in this series so far : Mike Stubbs, Igor Stromajer, Jeremy Bailley and Lynn Hershman Leeson.

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MTAA’s Physical Bookmarks – Vintage Net Art Created Before Facebook

MTAA’s Physical Bookmarks for Vintage Net Art Created Before Facebook (BF-2004), 2015
5 x 6 inch etched vinyl on panel, no edition, $125 each (175 euro).

Tinjail – You, 2001
MTAA – MTAA’s Working Process, 1998
G.H. Hovagimyan – Homepage, 1999
Yael Kanarek – World of Awe, 2000
Annie Abrahams – Séparation/Separation, 2002
Vuk Ćosić – Ascii History of Art for the Blind, 1998

Over The Opening (OTO) @ the Internet Yami-ichi


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memento mori

IVAN_Chabanaud(photo Karen Dermineur, P-Node, Paris, 2014)

Ivan Chabanaud left us a few days ago. He died of cancer.

I have been working with him for more than 6 years. He developped among a lot of other things the streaming interface for my Huis Clos / No Exit performances. I’ll miss him.
Livre d’or

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besides, – some reflections on the first three performances

Now online : Reflections on the three first performances besides,

Annie .pdf
Martina .pdf

More information : videos, scripts, chatlogs, notes on the website of Turbulence who commissioned these performances (with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts).

Why would two naked women (with white skin, Western) visible online be subversive/critical? There is the terrifying practice of using the web for the purpose of exposing oneself relentlessly, even ones naked body. And there is a whole industry exploiting these acts. There is the problem that one cannot get these images down from the net – once they circulate in its tentacles.
Usually we look into the face of someone but we don´t see the body of the person. It is covered with clothes. Especially in online-communication the interface usually frames the head, the face. In
Besides, dear body, there are two bare bodies without a face. It could also be two different bodies. It is not so much about the individuality of these two bodies or the (hi)stories that have sedimented in them. It is about reaching out to one another, to link to one another. It is about disrespecting limitations and boundaries (of the image, the body, the space etc.)
I consider
Besides, dear body, as an experiment and the result as a poetic moving image of holding on to each other in all our vulnerability (I think we succeeded in showing nudity as a fragile costume) – no matter what the physical distance is. Indeed, via virtual/online-communication we are able to create linkages, to induce closeness, the feeling of being interwoven with other people´s threads, thoughts…During the online-communication one is „sharing distance“ with someone or some persons and it can be a very intimate experience.
At the same time online-communication emphasizes solitude. At the latest when one closes the interface, or one shuts down the computer one is alone. There is no way of going out to the foyer or to the bar and seeing the persons that were part of the event, watching the performance. There is not even certainty about the fact that there was anyone watching.

Extract from Martina’s reflections.


I know I would never have done a performance on aging (besides, Dear Body,), showing myself naked if I hadn’t been confronted to my own possible ending. It felt soothing to connect my nude body to the image of Martina’s much younger body. It felt as if we created a continuum in difference and made a statement that said „don’t worry, this is life“. I wanted it to be a gift.
Afterwards there was a big shock when I looked at the recording of the performance, when I looked at my naked body. I see this body every day in a mirror, but the video image is not the same as a mirror image – there was no head, no action going on, just the body to look at. It took time to overcome my personal aversion to my own aging body, to accept the breathing image, to accept its reality, to let the video live as an independant object showing aging, a tender connexion, and a crack.
Extract from Annie’s reflections.

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Upcoming / ongoing

Dec. 14, 6pm CET, yearly reconnection Distant Feelings with Daniel Pinheiro - open to others.

14/01 - 21/02 2023, a kiss, deux imprimées sur aluminium, Poésie Numérique, curation Jacques Donguy, Galerie Satellite, 7 rue François de Neufchâteau, Paris.

ut ut ut Utterings the Practice, postponed.

Constallationsss with Alice Lenay, Pascale Barret, Alix Desaubliaux et occasionellement Gwendoline Samidoust et Carin Klonowski.

Distant Movements with Muriel Piqué and Daniel Pinheiro.

(E)stranger. Research on What language does to you or not.

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