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Annie Abrahams

Ich bin ein Feldafinger

ichInEinenAnderenZietalterImage from a wall painting at the Villa Waldberta.

For almost two months I’ll be a resident at Villa Walberta in Feldafing near to München. Besides enjoying the beautiful countryside (I am lucky with the weather sofar) I will be working with Helen Varley Jamieson on Unaussprechbarlich : an exploration of how the level of mastery of a language affects attitudes, psychological conditions and political positions. We do this in German, a language we both don’t speak and write very well.

Unaussprechbarlich will also be a performance that negotiates meaning beyond the monolingual condition.
You can follow our research here :

Villa Walberta is a beautiful and, for me, strange place. A place once owned by a Dutch publisher, called Sijthof, who grafitied the building in 1903 with a painting of an eagle and the words “Altijd Waek Saem” (“always vigilent” but also “always awake together”). After the war it was for 8 years a place for “displaced persons” (DP’s / heimatslose Zivilpersonen) and now I live here with a Slovenian, an Iranian and a Russian translator and a Greek grafik artist.

“Weltweit sind 60 Millionen Menschen auf der Flucht – das besagen die Statistiken des UN-Flüchtlingshilfswerks UNHCR. Es sind Menschen, die vor Bürgerkriegen fliehen, vertrieben wurden oder der Armut entkommen wollen. Seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg waren noch nie so viele Menschen gleichzeitig auf der Flucht.” Source

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Annie Abrahams
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