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Annie Abrahams

besides, compressed by communication


besides, compressed by communication
Performance with Martina Ruhsam
March 19th 20h
Duration 30 – 40 minutes with discussion afterwards

Im_flieger@Schokoladenfabrik, Gaudenzdorfergürtel 43–45/4. Stock/4C, 1120 Wien (U4 Margaretengürtel) >> map
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In the frame of Metabolism – Ecologies of collaboration (project & platform).
Stoffwechsel – Ökologien der Zusammenarbeit ist ein transmediales Forschungsprojekt mit unterschiedlich involvierten Künstler_innen und Theoretiker_innen und experimentiert mit strukturellen und künstlerischen Verschränkungen.

Im_Flieger is an Independent Artists’ Association – Platform and Experimental Ground for Dance, Performance and related Art Forms.

A real-time composition in which daily objects interrelate in an interface that usually frames the heads of humans. Annie Abrahams (In Montpellier) and Martina Ruhsam (in Wien) communicate by juxtaposing and resituating objects and by reading a text that is recomposed during the course of the performance. Unexpected links between thing and thing, object and text, image and sound appear. Sometimes the inorganic performers hijack the discussion. Scissors meet a knife which coincides with the word capitalism before being replaced by a little white box that is temporarily allied with anonymity. While matches and a paperbag are visible, a discussion about being post-image takes place, followed by the inorganic pulsations of a plastic nose and a plastic bag. The conversation meanders through unpredictable territories and is disseminated among various human and nonhuman agents.

We perform experimenting thinking together using words and things and the affects transferred via our voices. We experiment performing thinking together using words and things and the affects transferred via our voices. We think performing experiments together, We experiment thinking performance together, We experiment performing thought … citation from besides, what are we doing ? Notes on the performance series, 03 2016, Annie Abrahams


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Annie Abrahams
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