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Annie Abrahams

Workshop Performance Art ‘being with’

Workshop Performance Art
‘being with … performance as research as experiment as tool’
Annie Abrahams

6th of July, 2016
14:30-17:00 h
Lipsius K031, Universiteit van Leiden, Cleveringaplaats 1.

Archives : CURIOUS CONVERSATIONS – An orchestra of things, notes by Cissie Fu, walkthrough, photos, scores, mp3, notes by me.

Can we construct, building only on what we are, a radically horizontal performance? Can we, at the same time, research the agency of objects in our relations? Let’s try. Who, what are we? We? Find an object, discover the object, make it exist, don’t talk, observe, write, change, rediscover, We, What is we?, don’t discuss, utter, do, observe, write, change.

In this workshop we will all be, and the conceptors, and the performers and the audience (involved observers). We will formulate and execute, while continuously changing roles, a changing script written by all.

We will work with my interpretation of the reformulation and transmission method used by Deufert&Plischke : our work processes are circular processes of continuously passing on and transmitting materials without discussion. We clearly position these practices as an aesthetic and political alternative to processes based on discussion and consensus.

photo ©Dina Lucia Weiss

Two unique workshops in cooperation with The Leiden University Institute for Philosophy
LAK cursussen, Universiteit van Leiden.
Costs : € 30 for UL-students and visitors of the conference, € 35 for UL-employees, € 40 for others.

In the context of
The Politics of Performance and Play. Feminist Matters
The Leiden University Institute for Philosophy.
Thursday 7th and Friday 8th July, 2016 Conference.

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Annie Abrahams
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