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Annie Abrahams

Digital Canon (1960–2000) of the Netherlands

Nice to find out my work Being Human (1997 – 2007) is part of the Digital Canon (1960–2000) of the Netherlands, yes!
With among others Michel Waisvisz, Martine Neddam, Peter Struycken, JODI, Peter Luining, Jan Robert Leegte, Steina, Jeffrey Shaw …

The Digital Canon was compiled by LIMA media art platform in 2018, in collaboration with Josephine Bosma, Martijn van Boven, Annet Dekker, Sandra Fauconnier and Jan Robert Leegte.
The primary objective of the project is to add these digital works to the collective cultural memory and to fuel the discussion about the selection and preservation of digital art. 

Experts from the field of digital culture selected twenty of the most prominent and influential works made on Dutch soil by artists who lived or worked here over a long period of time.

Being Human is the name of a collection of dynamic, interlinked, net specific works in which Annie Abrahams explores the possibilities and limits of online communication.

Digital Canon artist Annie Abrahams is excited to see the work of Michel Waisvisz on Read her personal statement about his iconic 1984 work The Hands below: “It was so nice to see Michel Waisvisz in the Digital Canon. When I was still studying biology (end seventies) I saw several performances by him (in Middelburg with Moniek Toebosch and in the Apollohuis in Eindhoven with, I think, Paul Panhuyzen). It might have been my first experience with art outside the context of an official museum. I loved the freedom, the possibilities to mix different art domains (and technology), the improvisations and Michel’s relation to the stage and his instruments. In hindsight I think this contributed largely in me going to an art school a few years later.” – Annie Abrahams

The digital canon consists of twenty digital artworks made on Dutch soil between 1960 and 2000:

The Senster (1968-1970) – Edward Ihnatowicz
Computerstructuren (1969-1972) – Peter Struycken
Violin Power (1969-1978) – Steina
Moiré (1970-1975) – Livinus & Jeep van de Bundt
Ideofoon I (1970-2013) – Dick Raaijmakers
Points of View (1983) – Jeffrey Shaw
The Hands (1984-2000) – Michel Waisvisz
Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam (1990-now) – Remko Scha (1995) – Jodi
Breed (1995-2007) – Driessens & Verstappen
Nara Zoyd/La Zoyd’s Pataverse (1996-1998) – Yvonne le Grand
clickclub (1996-2001) – Peter Luining (1996-now) – Martine Neddam
the_living (1997-1998) – Debra Solomon
Being Human (1997-2007) – Annie Abrahams
#11, Marey <-> Moiré (1999) – Joost Rekveld
TST (2000) – Bas van Koolwijk
Scrollbar Composition (2000) – Jan Robert Leegte
Spatial Sounds (100dB at 100 km/h) (2000) – Marnix de Nijs and Edwin van der Heide
Agora Phobia (digitalis) (2000-2009) – Lancel/Maat

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Annie Abrahams
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