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Annie Abrahams

Decentralisation and commoning the Arts – Ruth Catlow

Decentralization and commoning the arts by Ruth Catlow looks at how we can reclaim art from the logic of markets and commodification using the redecentralized Internet. Mai 2019.
She uses an image of the methodology of Constallations to illustrate her article.

Art and commoning practices produce new cultural protocols, rites and rituals that in turn produce new forms of communal and collective being, feeling, and knowing. Examples of this are the Constallations Methodologie by Annie Abrahams, Pascale Barret & Alix Desaubliaux; the Cryptorave by !Mediengruppe Bitnik and Omsk Social Club;Real Game Play by Omsk Social Club; Bank Job ‒ The artists’ renegade “bank”, a symbolic and practical intervention into debt slavery, …
… Radical, rooted, artworld events can produce new timespaces that cultivate new ways of being, feeling and knowing for individuals and collectives of people.

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Annie Abrahams
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