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(Un)Distance ELOrlando

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An ELOrlando 2020: Virtual Edition Panel.
Friday July 17, 1pm EDT, 19h Paris time.

What does it mean to be together apart? How can we create and share ideas from an (un)distance?
Please join us in this experimental panel that will explore the topic “(un)distance” as a way to b(e/r)ing us together and to share ideas over various (di)stances and (di)scourses. It will center around  long-distance writing practices, and will self-reflexively discuss how effective on-line community discussion works.

You can participate by joining the video conference (to get the zoomurl please register here), through a hashtag discussion via live tweeting (#ELO#UnDistance), in collaborative annotating on this Framapad … or in all of these together while watching the youtube stream.

The framapad is already open and can be used as a site for questioning/commenting/digressing/feeding and disturbing the (un)distance elo panel before, during and after its effectuation.

The panel will be moderated by Annie Abrahams and Anna Nacher on zoom, Deena Larsen in the framapad and Johannah Rodgers on twitter.
The panel participants are Eugenio Tisselli, Kirill Azernyy, Renee Carmichael, and Roderick Coover.

TheAltering Shores by Roderick Coover

Roderick Coover will present issues from his new book, Digital Imaginaries, and segments from his new immersive and generative film project Altering Shores, made with Nick Montfort and Adam Vidiksis.

Eugenio Tisselli will discuss the non-local role of algorithms in the Capitalocene by presenting ‘Amazon’: a visual poem, as well as a critical code work, from his ‘Algorithmic Politics’ series.

Kirill Azernyy will introduce his approach to perceptive interaction with the “materiality” of digital works.

Renee Carmichael will explore thinking, representing and embodying the here and now through the tensions and limits between dance (both as beyond all writing/representation and as Dance Writing) and code.

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