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Annie Abrahams

Distant FeelingS #10

Wednesday December 14th 2022
Online. Open to all
A silent and blind connexion

15 minutes. Eyes Closed. Without speaking. 

For the 6th year we invite all interested to take part in this recurring activation of Distant Feeling(s). We come together in an electronically powered energetic flow – sharing different times and spaces – (re)thinking our own human condition while tethered through the network.

Distant Feeling(s) is a project by Annie Abrahams and Daniel Pinheiro.

Afterwards Daniel wrote: The paradox remains between the “live” moment of the encounter and its documentation. Nevertheless the traces of Distant Feeling(s) also produce an archive of different contexts, year after year, of a world constantly changing – and our inter-relationality / interconnectedness transforms through and with technology.

And Annie wrote :
thoughts dancing
shapes moving
yet unrecognisably geometric
probably because they are abstractions
of something much more subtle
something I cannot touch
they are there
they are there
they breathe cough cough cough
a car passes by
they are there
and they dance even while they probably don’t know it
when we open our eyes
1 minute of joy
and then
until next year


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Annie Abrahams
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