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Happy swinging Olia

Swinging through winter. With Love.

Happy to be a part of Olia’s Summer distributed GIF

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NetVVorth counterfeit (Curt Cloninger – Reading Club – Mez)

“Authorship fades but data lasts forever”
NetVVorth offers counterfeit works by and of legit netartists.

A few days ago I found this image of the ReadingClub session with Curt Cloninger, Alan Sondheim, Helen Varley Jamieson, Lucille Calmel and Pascale Gustin based on a text by Mez as a part of a new work called transCRyPTion [alan-turing-has-a-posse] done by Daniel Temkin and Mez in the online net art show NetVVorth.
If you pay some bitcoins you can get access to a transCRYPTion CODEpoem engine. But I don’t posess bitcoins so I had to be content with the free and impotent TRANScryPTION prototype.pdf, which tells you how the machine works and where you also find 9 (beautiful) bigger screencaptures of the same ReadingClub session. Finally at the end there are credits and some links. One goes to the Reading Club session (pffft) and another to what I recognize as Curt Cloningers website and now immediately I become aware it is indeed his voice and his videos that are used in TRANScryPTION. He must be the counterfeiter. And when he promotes the same work in an email on the netbehaviour mailing list I decide to ask him for some explanations.

The funny thing is, my “forgery” of Mez’s writing isn’t even a “true forgery.” It is more like a remix of a collaborative rewriting of one of Mez’s pieces, some of the text of which I “myself” did “originally” and “actually” write.  You can see the “authentic authorship” disintegrating and being pulverized.

The whole thing is basically a lie. It’s just two videos I made, an animated gif I made, and some lines I drew connecting them. Then there is a link to a downloadable pdf explaining a bunch of complicated and confusing instructions that don’t work. Even the bitcoin version doesn’t work. So the whole piece is supposed to be a machine that causes the viewer to question the “truth” of code, language, authorship, and art markets.

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merci Jonathan

Ravie de me retrouver à la suite de Proust, Roubaud, Sarraute, Beckett, Hiedsieck, Mallarmé et Queneau dans le Cours de culture et civilisation française Nouveaux Médias et Littérature de University of Georgia, USA

Jonathan Baillehache propose en analyse “Être humain” (1997/1998) et en particulier la pièce “comprendre?” à ses étudiants.

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Ugly Feelings – Townhouse Gallery, Cairo


I am happy to be part of this exposition curated by Ania Szremski.
The emotional impact of working (or being unable to work) in this context has shifted our institutional and curatorial thinking. “Ugly Feelings” is a first step towards reflecting on that shift, a gesture towards a project that will manifest in 2014 asking if an institution can create an exhibition without an artist.

Opening reception Sunday, October 20, 7 pm
Townhouse First Floor Gallery, Cairo.

… “The current Townhouse tackles feelings of frustration and despair dominating Egypt’s transitional process, exploring how art institutions can continue to function in such challenging times.” …  “I had originally wanted to show Moving Excerpts, as well as Separation in an Internet café exhibition in 2011 called ‘Talk to Me’, which was cancelled due to the events of Mohamed Mahmoud,” Szremski remembered, “then I felt that they made a lot of sense in the context of ‘Ugly Feelings’ and I was happy to have the chance to finally show them in Egypt.” … Yasmine Zohdi in the article Cairo’s Townhouse Gallery embraces ‘Ugly Feelings’ on ahramonline

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Painsong in KEEP CALM and TAKE un ART BREAK

Painsong (2004) included in


Exposition en ligne –
du 23/10 2013 au 31/12 2013

ARTISTES invité(e)s – guests ARTISTS:

Annie Abrahams
Jeremy Bailey
Alain Barthelemy
Marco Cadioli
Gregory Chatonsky
Claude Closky
Caroline Delieutraz
Nicolas Frespech
Albertine Meunier
Martine Neddam

VERNISSAGE le 23 10 2013 à 19h
Lala Tapisserie
ADRESSE: 13 rue Pétion 75011 Paris,
métro voltaire.

Les artistes sont invités par Margherita Balzerani et Julien Levesque – ceci n’est pas la fiac!

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Désert Numérique Exposition netart

Désert Numérique#4 au Saint Nazaire du Désert
04.07 > 07.07.2013

Exposition de netart
Exposition de La B@se / l’EPI de la Vallée de la Roanne /

Locustream SoundMap de Locus Sonus
Glossaire Internet par des femmes de plus de 77 ans de Albertine Meunier
Internautre de KRN
being human de Annie Abrahams
GeoGoo de Jodi
Heterochronia de Stéphane Billot

Visuel: une-semi-remorque-etait-hier-bloquee-sur-un-pont-situe-entre-la-motte-chalancon-et-saint-nazaire-le-desert.jpg

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En mai et juin j’ai participé à Textopoly.

Dans le Textopoly, il s’agit d’explorer les nouvelles formes de l’écrit, en proposant une méthode de création et de lecture qui s’affranchit des normes de l’imprimé. Ce n’est plus la page qui sert de référence, mais un espace comparable à une carte.

Textopoly est proposé par le centre d’art La Panacée à Montpellier.

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I ♥ E-Poetry


Leonardo Flores Loves “A(l)lone” by Annie Abrahams

Article in I ♥ E-Poetry

“When I read this poem, I understood that Abrahams was engaging the Web as a medium for artistic expression in a way that some of my favorite poets (E. E. Cummings among them) engaged the space of the page.”

“This poem’s code doesn’t work in my iPhone’s Safari or Chrome browsers, for instance, and I can see how it might disappear from circulation. But I know it can be ported, reproduced, remixed, and written about.”

Leonardo Flores is Ph.D. Associate Professor of English, UPR: Mayagüez and a Fulbright Scholar in Digital Culture, University of Bergen.

If you  ♥ E-Poetry spend some time on this website – it will be worth it.

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Housework, Gender and Subjectivity: Cultures of Domesticity

In  Domestic Dancing (2007) Olia plays the accordeon, while I am vacuumcleaning.

The work from 2007 is presented in

Housework, Gender and Subjectivity: Cultures of Domesticity

Monday, October 29th, 2012 through November

Opening reception, 6:30pm in the Gallery, (on going after the panel)

The Reynolds Gallery, University of the Pacific, Stockton, California

About the Exhibition:

Housework, Gender and Subjectivity: Cultures of Domesticity is an exhibition inspired by the work of feminist media artists working with issues of spectatorship, self, and identity. The exhibit, curated by independent scholar/artist/curator, Molly Hankwitz, focuses upon domestic space as site for the investigation of multiple aspects of gendered subjectivity, from the experience of real women and their performance as spectacularized subjects to notions of women’s place and our response to patriarchal, psychological and social oppression.

Across cultures, the role of the wife, the daughter, and duties of domestic labor within the household from cleaning to cooking to childcare and sex are frequently expected from women. In dominant western media, especially commercial advertising working to maintain a status quo, the stereotype of the perfect “housewife”, her duties and commitment to products remains a powerful ideology despite progress in feminism to speak alternatives. This stereotype has been the object of significant comment and critique for women artists in the history of art.

Housework, Gender and Subjectivity: Cultures of Domesticity brings together a group of contemporary feminist artists who dig into the gendered emotional, experiential and psychosocial domestic realms attached to ‘house’ and idealized versions of womanhood. The artists examine domestic labor and women’s place within it. Guest curator and published feminist, Molly Hankwitz brings together borders and boundaries of domesitc space where the housewife stereotype and the spectacle of domestic labor can be revisited as an art historical idea.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Online exhibition ~
from October 18, 2012 to December 31, 2012

With Annie Abrahams, Anthony Antonellis, Alain Barthélémy, Laura Brothers, Marco Cardioli, Gregory Chatonsky, Claude Closky, Caroline Delieutraz, Constant Dullaart, Nicolas Frespech, Emilie Gervais & Sarah Weis, Emilio Gomariz, Julien Lacroix, Julien Levesque, Filipe Matos, Albertine Meunier, Lorna Mills, Antoine Moreau, Mouchette, Fabien Mousse, Esteban Ottaso, Rafaël Rozendaal, Nicolas Sassoon, Antoine Schmitt, Nicolas Sordello, Linda Suthiry Suk and Systaime.

The exhibition seeks to highlight Net Art creation, proposing to unite around a common interface different generations of artists who use Internet as a medium.

Artists invited by Caroline Delieutraz and Julien Levesque.

 My participation : La Fin d’un Monde. With : Voices by M. Philippe and Mme. Frédérique Mercy, volunteering firefighters in Delle, who read a text PeurS written by the visitors of (Sound engeneering : Rémy Bux. Production : l’Espace multimédia Gantner – Conseil Général du Territoire de Belfort &, An image of Rassur, a partcipatif drawing on the wall of my exhibition Training for a Better World Autumn 2011 at CRAC LR Sète.

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* 13/05 2017 17h Paris time, Networked conversation with Randall Packer in the Third Space Network.
* 18/06 2017 11h. Talk Networked performance art and engagement, Internet, Arte y Compromiso, Centre Culturel Puertas de Castilla (Murcia).
* 19/06 2017 19h. Une pratique du texte numérique qui dévoile. Invitation Yan Rucar, Centre culturel international de Cerisy-la-Salle.
* 21/07 10PM Performance Ours Lingages, ELO 2017, Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória, Porto.

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