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La vie sur écran / The life on the screen

Présentation de Mutant #II   4 min 04 sec
Six actors each in a separate webcam station share a space of expression and responsibility, becoming manipulators of their own image working out their privacy in a public presentation space.

in the show La vie sur écran / The life on the screen curated by Perry Bard

galerie Joyce Yahouda gallery
372 rue Sainte Catherine Ouest
Suite 516
Montréal QC H3B 1A2

Programme vidéos des artistes Annie Abrahams, Natalie Bookchin, Josh Bricker, Petra Cortright, Martin Kohout, Kristin Lucas, Merton, Casey Neistat, Lorie Novak,  Jon Satrom, Roel Woeters et Jonathan Puckey.

31 mars – 7 mai 2011 / March 31 – May 7, 2011
Vernissage / Opening :

Samedi 2 avril 2011 16h -18h
Saturday, April 2, 2011,  4-6 p.m.

La Vie sur écran est un programme de vidéos en ligne, développé par la commissaire Perry Bard. En se basant sur les principes du téléchargement et de la mise en ligne, les vidéos sélectionnées révèlent les possibilités d’Internet afin d’explorer, d’analyser, d’imiter ou encore de transformer les outils et les supports de la culture en réseau.


Article  de Marie-Ève Charron

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Mutant #2 on DVblog

“This piece is described as a video arising out of the second session of a “Telematic Performance / Experiment investigating communication and relational dynamics in a dispersed group.” and it’s bewitching.

The pages documenting it bear the motto “Communication is never clean, smooth and transparent” True – and to turn that truth into crystalline & affecting art is a little miracle.” Michael Szpakowski

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Time Passing

Time passing – two videos in a loop – now online.
My Mother, my Husband and my Father.

To the left Christmas 2008, to the right Christmas 2003.

Presented in Solo show Relation Entrecoupée. March 2009.

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Double Blind (love) documentation

double blind love Annie Abrahams and Curt CloningerSpecial thanks to Bérénice Belpaire for her attention and help during the performance. Photos : Valérie Severac.

Project information

More photos

Watch and listen to the 264 minutes lasting performance

Regardez et écoutez la performance de 264 minutes

24 min. highlighted:

Screencapture by Suzon Fuks 33 min (with glitches):

Interesting and affecting convergence of the performative work Curt Cloninger has been doing of late with the strange, wonderful & categorisation denying oeuvre of Annie Abrahams.
5 min. special cut by Michael Szpakowski on DVblog

Documentation of the project by Curt

Textes :
David Bioules, Mail du dimanche 29 novembre 2009, 20h50 (ou improvisation sans recul) []

David Bioules, Email Sunday November 29 2009, 8.50PM (or Improvising from scratch) []

Curt Cloninger (texte), Annie Abrahams (titre), It’s a time of “desire”, 28 novembre 2009 4:43pm,

Matthew Pioro, Double Blind (Love), an Online Collaboration, 29 Novembre 2009 4:12 pm

Matthew Pioro, loK8Tr about the dangers and pitfalls of online collaboration, Musicworks, Issue 106 spring 2010, The future of radio, from web 2.0 to second life.

Email exchange between Annie  Abrahams and Matthew Pioro Dec 2, 2009 at 5:48 AM:

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Video experiment from 1996

Mutating Paintings,  1996.

Using an amiga and a pc computer I transformed pictures of 126 chaos-paintings one into the other. After a lot of manipulation I had a timebased image of a mutating painting. This is a 2min 16 sec extract of this 30 min. video.

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Video “A fragmented relation” on-line

Original French title :  Relation entrecoupée 2009, 15 min.  Subtitles in English.  Information en français

Images and sound: Annie Abrahams and Nicolas Frespech.
Editing : Annie Abrahams, residency Artelinea – Art Contemporain, Congénies.

Two images, two voices answer oneanother, search for the other, get lost.
During machine mediated communication, is the other most present when nothing happens, when at least I think of him, her, this other?
A webcam mediated conversation treated to reveal the significance of  void in  regular human intercourse.

This video is a special version for the internet, an adaption of the two channel installation version showed for the first time at PPCM in Nîmes from 6 to 15 Mars 2009. This installation was also presented  the 10th of Mars 2009 at ERBA, Valence .

Sources images and sound : A webcam presentation 6 Mars 2008 by Annie Abrahams and Nicolas Frespech concerning the video “One a puppet of the other” in the Contemporary Art Centre, CAC, Le Quartier in Quimper, France.

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Video Chênes Verts online

Les chênes verts / The green oaks” or “jouer aux cartes / playing cards

duration : 5 min
year : 2006
author : Annie Abrahams.
Voice Patricya Rydzok (French subtitles in English)
Actors : Annie Abrahams and her mother and 4 sisters.

Synopsis :
“Les chênes verts / The green oaks” Subtitle “jouer aux cartes / playing cards”

The common divider of a stay in a psychiatric hospital and a family is a card game.
This video shows us six women playing card in a garden. The speed of the video is slowed down in order to absorb the viewer into the movements of and the relation between these women.
A voice-off relates a story, that seems incomprehensible, makes you feel uneasy and wondering about its relation to the women.

(The text was written about a year after a 7 weeks stay in a psychiatric hospital. It relates how it feels to be inside this place. “there where there are only rules and no norms, there where I was happy, while …… It describes the other people and the relations of the first person with these people. The hospitalisation was the result of TMS difficulties related to excessive and misplaced computer usage)

– First screening:
Puisque ma voix : Intimate sketches film, sound poetry, video and internet December 2005, Monoquini, Montpellier, France. Organisation

Other screenings :
12th International Pärnu Fideo and Vilm Festival : “Pain in the Class” November 18-19, 2006, Pärnu Mud Baths ,Ranna 1, Pärnu, Estonie.
– In the show “Tout va bien“, galerie ESCA, Milhaud, 23-11 au 16-12 2007
– Festival des arts visuels et nouveaux médias, April 21 – April 26 2008, Colloque International : April 24 – April 25 2008, Mohammed VI Theater, Institut français, Insitut Cervantes, Casablanca, Maroc. Commissaire Elisabeth Klimoff.
– In the exhibition Dominique Figarella, Jean Denant et des artistes de, 18 janvier au 29 mars 2009, le Musée de Sérignan, 34410 Sérignan, France.

Text in French by Xavier Leton in la revue des ressources. en 2007 et en 2011.

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Vidéo Relation Entrecoupée

pas coupée
pas coupée
rien de coupé
surtout pas
peut être entre
entre coupée
coupée entre
pas pas pas
pas entre coupée
surtout pas
pas pas pas



Installation vidéo « Relation entrecoupée » 15 min two channel en boucle.
L’autre serait-il le plus présent dans la communication par webcam interposé dans les moments de vide, quand rien ne se passe, quand au moins je pense à elle, cette autre personne?
Deux images, deux voix se répondent, se perdent, se cherchent.


Source images et sons : Le 6 mars 2008 à 19h30h Annie Abrahams et Nicolas Frespech ont répondu via webcam aux questions des personnes qui venaient de regarder la vidéo L’un la poupée de l’autre au CAC, Le Quartier, Quimper.  Merci à, Elisabeth Klimoff et Anna Olszewska.

ne pas entre

Du 6 au 15 mars 2009 dans l’expo Relation Entrecoupée au PPCM à Nîmes.

Vous pouvez regarder une adaptation de ce projet en single channel video sur vimeo

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Happy new year

2009-22009 2009-3?happy 2009!

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I don’t want to be a nice girl


I don’t want to be a nice girl,  vidéo 5min, son Abrahams&Deweille presented by in l’Avant Rue, 13,14,15 Dec. 2008, 134 Rue de Tocqueville, Paris.

Information participants.

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  • 12/10 – 25/01 Exposition Angry Women take1 in Hadaly et Sowana, cyborgs et sorcières, l’Espace Gantner, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Bourogne.
  • Bientôt parution : L’Agency Art ou une Éthologie Participative dans des Environnements Artificiels ? dans LINKs série 1.

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