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A Silent Walk With a White Chair


A Silent Walk With a White Chair
Performance écrit pour Annie Abrahams par Ienke Kastelein

Exécuté par Annie Abrahams le samedi 4 octobre, entre 11 et 13h
Place des Halles et autour de la mairie d’Angoulême
INTON’ACTION #4 Rencontres internationales de poésie et performances

…Avoid eye contact.
You are the center of the universe.You are a bubble of awareness.
You speak through your actions…

Protocole complet Performance voor Annie Solo IK 2014.pdf. Merci Ienke.

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Annie Abrahams, Maja Delak, Irena Pivka: Encounter

Wednesday, April 23 from 5 pm till 10 pm
MSUM, Metelkova, 1000 Ljubljana
An intimate performance for a limited number of observers.*
(public preparation no.2 for an exhibition)

Annie (Dutch artist and biologist living in France) and Maja (Slovenian dancer and choreographer), who only saw one another twice and only shortly, will meet and engage in a 5 hour long performance, where they can’t use English to communicate. Irena (artist, architect and scenographer) will be present and record the encounter by any means she thinks appropriate. All three they will produce the material for a collective art piece to be shown in Aksioma in October.

What happens when two people with a desire to meet the other have the chance (and the obligation) to stay together for 5 hours? How will they manage the shared responsibility for a performance? How will they circumvent the fact they can’t speak English to communicate? What will be the influence of the obligation to produce material for a future exhibition piece? Will their different professional backgrounds bring forward a special aesthetic?

production: CONA,

partners: MG+MSUM, JSKD, French Institute Ljubljana
Cona program is supported by Municipality of Ljubljana, Culture department

Traces 30 photos (by Suncan Stone) and 1video 3 Analog photos by Maja

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Kaj misliš s tem? / What do you mean?

Kaj misliš s tem
? / What do you mean?
Public preparation no.1 for an exhibition (Aksioma Oct. 2014)
Thursday, April 17th, 7.30pm,
Kult3000, Metelkova, Ljubljana

A performance and discussion with people who all had to learn a new language because they went living in a country who’s language they didn’t speak.

Performance initiator and preparation : Annie Abrahams. Invited participants : Martina Rusham (dancer and author, Austrian), Jana Wilcoxen (translator, project development, American), Chantal van Mourik (communicator, coordinator, Dutch). Discussion afterwards.

The performance (facilitated by CONA) will last 30 min.
We will not speak directly to one-another, we will type on a computer in our mother-tongue, use google to translate our text in Slovenian and then use text to speech software – TTS by Proteus – to be heard by all in Slovenian.

in the frame of (E)stranger : a 4 weeks residency invited by CONA
partners JSKD, French Institute Ljubljana

Images, etc from the performance:

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Oppera Internettikka – Protection et Sécurité – article


page 115 – 117 de Numérique et transesthétique
Édité par Gérard Leblanc et Sylvie Thouard,
Éditeur Presses Universitaires du Septentrion
ISBN-10 2-7574-0373-7
ISBN-13 978-2-7574-0373-0

Oppera Internettikka – Protection et Sécurité
Performance inter-média
Annie Abrahams & Igor Stromajer
Opéra National de Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon
, France, 15 décembre 2006.

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  • May 24 – August 2, Séparation in Afterflash exhibition, ELO’s The NEXT.
  • June 23, 16h, online performance workshop Angry Women, @MagdalenaOnlineFest 
  • June 25th 17h30 and June 26 20h Angry Women online performance @MagdalenaOnlineFest 
  • 27/06 13h participation in 6 Writers Be Like BodyObsolete by Suzon Fuks @MagdalenaOnlineFest 
  • 01/07 online Alcho performance in the frame of the presentation of the Alchorisma website.
  • Ongoing Constallationsss

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