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3G Constallations #10 + méthodologie

One year ago we: the group 3G(enerations) Alix Desaubliaux, Pascale Barret and Annie Abrahams, started a research project called Constallations. Using challenges and surprises, we defied each other in nine sessions of what Annie called contemporary net art, Pascale a non-binary inclusive laboratory and Alix performative & collaborative explorations.

ISELP, Institut d’Art Contemporain, invited 3G to come to Brussels for their 10th, this time real-life, session.
Saturday, Mai 25, 16h you are welcome to meet the three artists and Sandra Bébié-Valérian of OUDEIS at the Boulevard de Waterloo in Brussels.
Sandra will give a short talk where she analyses the project in the frame of OUDEIS’ Autorama project. Pascale, Alix and Annie will present their recently written Methodology of Constallations* and will try to translate it’s essence to the real space of the exhibition Waiting to blossom *Constallations by Pascale Barret.
Could be an object, a performance, a reading, a text, an installation …. or a mix of all this.

Constallations is devoid of a goal and has no predetermined path. Constallations is what we are when we give up our personal objectives and, when, based on our own history and skills, we tackle a challenge prepared by one of the group.
Constallations is made of travels through things one doesn’t control, of jumps in the void. Constallations is an exploration full of unexpected discoveries.

Constallations is a learning tool / a practice radically open to everything.
Constallations is a concrete utopia – on a small scale, and temporary, it must be said – but it is, and so carries a hope for a different society.
It’s a perspective.
Constallations is a path, an adventure, a chemistry, a soup that upsets habits and creates links.

Wall installation Constallations à L’ISELP

* The Methodology of Constallations will also be available in English and French on the Constallations website after the 25th.

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Ours Lingages – Documentation

Ours Lingages
Performance by
Annie Abrahams concept, script, reading, singing

Daniel Pinheiro computing, dancing, singing, video editing
Isabel Costa dancing, reading
Igor Stromajer {0§n–3¦é×F= Miá†} soundpoem in Portuguese
Outranspo – Lily Robert-Foley, Camille Bloomfield and Jonathan Baillehache reawriting
Jan de Weille reawriting
Rui Torres translation
Helen Varley Jamieson tchat queen
Anna Tolkacheva live video capturing
Public volunteers holding Isabel Costa upside down
All breathing

21/07 2017 10.15 PM, Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória, Porto,
Electronic Literature Organisation conference ELO 2017.


Script .pdf

We nooses tous des bastardi elettronici che usano lingue globali cinematographic archive of the readingclub session.


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unaussprechbarlich again


Next performance Unaussprechbarlich
Friday October 14, 21h, PATHOS Theater München in the festival “Magdalena München – In Between”.

The almost random mix of languages (there could be even more, others etc.) seamed to me very European as well as very contemporary. We today live a global Babel everywhere and anytime, in particular on the web and in the social net-works. A basic understanding of foreign languages is not any longer a pre-condition to communicate with each other. We all use on-line translators and Asian people use latin letters to be translated into their letters on the screen. So in your performance the mix of languages and the mix of representations by different media (pronunciation by humans and machines, typing, screening, projection, singing, etc.) transforms the global Babel into a piece of art. This piece of art is fluid, unstable, a collage of mixed layers, intuitive, enlightening, (un-)decodable and funny.
Christina Marie Pfeiffer on Unaussprechbarlich

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Personne nous juge – Chanson

Why shouldn’t we sing too? Défi final de Living Rassur – test. Résidence Living Room Montpellier. Info.
Avec Annie Abrahams, Annalisa Cocozza, Claire Oyallon et Charlotte Winling.


Ecoutez ces sons pendant que vous regarderiez le slideshow de la rencontre performative sur flickr.

Pendant l’exposition Training for A Better World d’Annie Abrahams au CRAC LR les médiatrices de cette exposition ont écrit des phrases collectées auprès du public sur un mur de l’exposition. Ce texte a été photographié et puis effacé. Sa retranscription sur papier était à la base du travail pendant la résidence de 4 jours avec ces mêmes médiatrices.

5 rue fouques, 34000 Montpellier

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Sais pas comment m’y prendre, sais pas Don’t know how to tackle it, don’t know

Faut peut être pas m’écouter You probably shouldn’t listen to me, shouldn’t listen to yourself
je voudrais vous toucher – toucher vers vous, vous I would like to touch you, to touch in your direction, yours

je voudrais I would like

tu voudrais you would like

me toucher, touchez moi
TOUCHEZ MOI to touch me, touch me, TOUCH ME

Vers toi, de loin In your direction,
from a distance ne me touchez pas don’t touch me
ne vous approchez pas, ne frôle pas mes limites, don’t come close, don’t feather my limits,

Chaque parole m’éloigne de toi Every word from you estranges me more

je te touche, tu me touches, au-delà de l’espace on se touche, pourtant mes doigts ne sentent rien I touch you, you touch me, we touch beyond space and still my fingers don’t feel a thing
… non touché, je te sens, toi, toi qui es loin, toi qui es partout, qui t’étales derrière et même devant …not-touched, I feel you, you, you far away, everywhere, you who spreads behind and even in front
toi dans moi, je te touche you in me I touch

lentement, avec attention, sinon je te perds slowly, with attention, if not, I will lose you

quand je te touche, tu me touches when I touch you, you touch me
il, elle me touche he, she touches me
le monde me touche the world touches me

Ce monde qui est trop violent, trop vulgaire This world that is too violent, too vulgar

Ma peau est déjà le dehors My skin is already outside

est déjà … is already…

ma chair, ma chère, mon cher my flesh, my dear, my dearest

Ne me touchez pas DON’T touch me

pas pas pas don’t don’t don’t pas PAS don’t

touche touch

je te touche I touch you

je te touche I touch you

I hardly dare
je n’ose presque pas

Annie Abrahams 2011 2012

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Annie Abrahams on Greek television

Annie Abrahams on Greek television 2011
29 12 2011 Annie Abrahams on Greek television  4’26”

Reportage made for “Simeio Art” a daily program of the Greek public television  NET .
Interview : Evi Tsirigotaki
Camera, sound and mounting : Philippe Vu

Reportage made in the frame of  Training for a Better World my solo show in the CRAC LR.

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Documentation 9 Meetings

A Meeting is a Meeting is a Meeting
5-14 08 2010 – 8 short Domestic Streaming performances
by Annie Abrahams and Antye Greie
for You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato
a show curated by Anna Smith and Nathalie Boobis, Wigan UK.

Where to find wilderness when you are at home? Sound : Antye Greie.

yeux, antye greie , annie abrahamsReading a text on collaboration together.

What do you like?

Talking about Communism.

antye greie, annie abrahamsTalking about Love. “It would be perfect if we hadn’t technical problems”

Playing a ping pong game.

Surfing for News.

Turning around…  Sound Antye Greie.

More images

The relation didn’t exist, it came into being.

Possible future subjects : Surveillance, Space, Intimacy, Our machines and Communism again.#

I love your music, your coolness, your sereness. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • 22 02 16h30 utterings festival Audioblast #8 Nantes.
  • janvier-mai Constallationss Annie Abrahams, Pascale Barret, Alix Desaubliaux, Alice Lenay, Carin Klonowski et Gwendoline Samidoust.

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