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Annie Abrahams

Pasta Unica

PASTA UNICA, cycle de rencontres professionnelles, proposé par Philippe Baudelot, Cécile Denis, Emmanuelle Raynaut, Cyril Thomas, sur une idée originale de Pablo Zunino, convoquera les arts vivants, les arts visuels, sonores et d’autres formes de créations.

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  • May 24 – August 2, Séparation in Afterflash exhibition, ELO’s The NEXT.
  • June 23, 16h, online performance workshop Angry Women, @MagdalenaOnlineFest 
  • June 25th 17h30 and June 26 20h Angry Women online performance @MagdalenaOnlineFest 
  • 27/06 13h participation in 6 Writers Be Like BodyObsolete by Suzon Fuks @MagdalenaOnlineFest 
  • 01/07 online Alcho performance in the frame of the presentation of the Alchorisma website.
  • Ongoing Constallationsss

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Annie Abrahams
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