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Open Publishing Fest – reariting

On Wednesday Mai 27th 21h Paris time (CEST) the group Constallationss* proposes a Reariting** session during the Open Publishing Fest***  (OPF May 18-29)
The session will last 90 min and takes a text related to the book Thought in the Act by Erin Manning and Brian Massumi as its starting point.

If you want to rearite with us on the 27th, please write to Annie or Alix to reserve your place.
Info :

reariting a method to think together

The session will start with a 10 min long explanation and attunement on zoom.
Then the participants will go to a collective writing pad where they will find a link to the selected text that they start reading individually. On the pad they write their notes, reflexions, questions, digressions – the ones through the others – and react to those of the others.
After one hour of reariting we will shortly reconnect in zoom to discuss the process.

this is not about producing a text together, but about using reariting as a technique to think through a text together.

*Constallationss is an online art / research group started in 2018 by Annie Abrahams, Alix Desaubliaux and Pascale Barret. In 2020 Alice Lenay, Carin Klonowski and Gwendoline Samidoust joined. The group uses the internet, challenges and surprises as tools for what Annie called contemporary net art, Pascale a non-binary inclusive laboratory, and Alix performative and collaborative explorations. Their methodology:

**Reariting manifests itself as a facilitator for a diffractive, distributed intelligence on-the-fly, creating text and relational patterns that do not depend on canons. It generates creative and unexpected “outcomes”. These are, in my opinion, not so much the texts produced, as the “diffractive moments” experienced by the reariters.
( )

***Open Publishing Fest is a decentralized public event that brings together communities supporting open source software, open content, and open publishing models. Held over two weeks in May, Open Publishing Fest will feature discussions, demos, and performances that showcase our paths toward a more open world.

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FR / ENG Queneau ReadingClub


Some remarks on the relation / differences between the English and French sessions (I don’t necessarily agree with all these):

* the English were more respectfull of the original text – the French massacred the text
* the English were more subtle than the French
* the French went deeper – had a more Queneauesque approach
* the French have acted as individuals, the English were more oriented to doing something together
* the English were reading more, the French were writing
This doesn’t say anything about being English nor about being French

Quelques remarques / des comparaisons de les sessions en français et en anglais (je n’adhère pas forcément à toutes) :

*les anglais étaient plus respectueux du texte – le français massacraient le texte
*les anglais étaient plus fines que les français
*les français allaient plus en profondeur concernant l’approche Queneauesque
*les français ont agis comme individualistes, les anglais plus en commun
*les anglais ont plus lu les français ont plus écrit
Ceci ne veut rien dire des anglais et des français

Verification 2 Sessions Jeu de Paume Queneau 19 nov 2013 :

Timeline of the reading/writing in English:

L’historique de la lecture/écriture en français :
Avant. Et maintenant.

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Video Beyond (spectacle) – test

Performance Arnolfini Bristol – Performance Writing Weekend – ELMCIP Seminar.

Igor Stromajer in Hamburg Annie Abrahams in Bristol united in a webperformance interface are the marionettes put into (e)motion via text written by the public at Arnolfini’s, using their labtops and smartphones. Two speakers are reading this text aloud in front of the public.

Marionettes / Scripting Reality / On Manipulation / Txt Theater / Public Collaboration Dynamics

As much an exercice in collectif writing as a performance.
Texts written by the audience:

Text for Annie :
close your maouth
say hello
smile at us all
touch your chin like you’re thinking profoundly
touch your heart like you mean it
try to intimidate the audience
Please sing:Row, row, row your boat,Gently down the stream.Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,Life is but a dream.
remain imaginative
appreciate our silent applause
Look In!
raise your eyes
Mime sailing
a decadent artist
mime drowing silently
turn to the other
look the other way
eat a sandwich
words, words, words
go on
lift that weight

Text for Igor:
think about your future
robots should be created free
finish speaking
finish speaking again
use your tongue
put your hat on upside down
Please do a RTD2
pull your eyebrows
describe the room
enough starwars
say a 4 letter word
express a tragedy
exploit the creative opportunities that arise from your wearing a turtle-neck
no light jazz songs
Come back
breath deeply the gathering gloom
look the other way
melt completely
electric shock
save some for us
go on

More information

Beyond (spectacle) Episode I
19 October 2012

Glitched version found on my computer in 2015

Presented in ϟℙ∀ℳℳ▁ℙϴШ€ℜ
Curators : Ellectra Radikal & Systaime
April 2017.

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A popular discourse on violence

Software for pc. Release 11 2008.
Accelerated reconstruction of a collective text written between 07 04 2006 and 16 05 2007.

Un discours populaire sur la violence.

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Iamanartwork archives

Between January 2002 and November 2007 the visitors of the webpages and could participate in a collective net art work.

What remains of this experiment in shared writing is a collective text, a range of arguments and moods around the concept of ” artwork”; artwork in general, but also more specific net artwork.

As Olia Lialina demonstrates in the article “Location=”Yes”“, the information in the location bar of a navigator is important and artists use this in their works. Thus I am glad that the archives are located on the site of the FRACLR, an official French art institution with a big collection of contemporary art.
Information en français.

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I AM (NOT) AN ARTWORK / JE (NE) SUIS (PAS) UNE OEUVRE D’ARTis a piece, started in 2002 on the site of the A text originally written by Bertrand Gauguet (a French art critic) can be changed by the visitors. Each change makes the text lighter of color and finally after 10 changes the text becomes white and dissolves in an all white page.
The French version is monochromatic since September 2007. The English version still has a few steps to go.

This piece is included in “MONOCHROME” a show organised by and has been shown before at the site “Les 20 ans des FRAC” in 2004.

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Le Choeur Souhaitant / The Wish Choir

La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse Montréal installation performance in the frame of Sortir de l’écran / Spoken Screen. 26 03 2008.

Annie Abrahams reading Wishes

More photos

Wishes deposited on were distributed among the public and read aloud. In the mean time a french version of violence.exe was visible in the windowpane of the gallery. (English version soon to come)

Report : “Performance d’Annie Abrahams dans le cadre de la série Sortir de l’écran / Spoken screen” by Gabriel Gaudette for NT2, UQAM, Montréal.


Joanne Lalonde et Jule Chateauvert pendant la lecture.

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electronic solitude

Reintroduce the body in the result of a collectif writing experiment on the web.
Workshop à l’UQAM Montréal. Annie Abrahams in collaboration with the sound artist Kathy Kennedy.Kathy recording sound

Listen to the result : Solitude.mp3

Context : Semaine Annie Abrahams, pionnière de l’art sur le Net, au Laboratoire NT2, à l’UQAM

Information on the collectif writing project (french)
Invitation to the workshop (french)

lecture by Annie Abrahams UQAM Montréal

Lecture in ICI programme, UQAM, March 27 , 12h30, Montréal. Webpage for the lecture.

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12-15/07, ffaille and con flicting, multilingual animated poetry, made for ELO 2023, Coimbra, Portugal.

Constallationsss with Alice Lenay, Pascale Barret, Alix Desaubliaux et occasionellement Gwendoline Samidoust et Carin Klonowski.

Distant Movements with Muriel Piqué and Daniel Pinheiro.

(E)stranger. Research on What language does to you or not.

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