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Invitation: intra/rupt/rompre


Would you like to feel connected?

Every Wednesday at 16h Paris time (CET, GMT+2) you are invited to join Muriel Piqué, Daniel Pinheiro and Annie Abrahams for Distant Movements

Every Friday at 16h Paris time (CET) you are invited to join Daniel Pinheiro and Annie Abrahams for Distant Feelings

If you are joining after the start of a session please keep silent.


Distant Movements
exploring together the possibility to experience dance in front of a screen
Duration 15 min.
Guided by Muriel, Daniel and Annie in French and English.
If you only speak one of these languages you can stay in your own movement until you understand the guidance again. We not only want to arouse a state of consciousness favorable for dancing together online; for developping an inner gaze that opens to a dance in resonance, but we will also learn to listen to something we don’t understand. We will dance together.
Eyes closed. Attentive to interior movement.
More information (French and English) :


Distant Feelings
an online ritual of contemplation on our situation of being together while being separated
Duration 15 min.
Eyes closed, no talking
Background: or

If you want to join either of these you need to install the zoom application on your device. Free download: .
(we know zoom has privacy issues, but we didn’t find a stable alternative yet – we also secretly enjoy supplying only worthless data)

The sessions will be recorded; we want to be able to go back to what happened. Everyone who participated can also ask for the recording – we will happily send it to them.

Distant Feelings confinement 1

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C’était avant la glace et les montagnes…

29/10-3/11 Résidence laboNRVC’était avant la glace et les montagnes …
Project VR (Virtual Reality), performance et danse avec Ariane Cassimiro.
Suite de Qu(o)i agence Quand .


C’était avant la glace et les montagnes, avant la lumière et avant le mouvement. Avant le corps, la chaleur, la pression, c’était avant que I & U parlent…
(merci à Valentin Godard pour cette phrase)

La VR sera abordé comme une terra incognita « classique », un fantasme, qui malgré son progrès technologique est mélancolique du nouveau, de l’inconnu, d’un monde vierge.
Nous souhaitons faire de l’expérience VR très solipsiste une expérience partagée et communicative.
Nous allons utiliser les limites et les frontières du VR par défaut, la narration instantanée et le dialogue, la participation du public, l’échange en improvisation entre l’opérateur informatique (l’interprète du logiciel Unity) et l’utilisateur VR. Nous allons relier l’intérieur de VR à l’extérieur et rester dans l’entre-deux de ces espaces.
Nous aimerions pousser nos réflexions sur la relation au corps et à l’autre dans le VR en utilisant des techniques de danse et des interventions live dans des environnements comme VRchat par exemple.
Le commentaire est pour nous un endroit important face à la VR. En dehors de la narration en direct et le dialogue nous voulons expérimenter d’autres voix, tester un débit/flux autre, un récit de rêve, de l’hypnose ou d’addiction.
Vaste programme – trop peut être?

Accueil studio, Les Subsistances, Lyon, 2018-19.

Avant. Il y avait encore tout à construire. Compte rendu 5 nov 2018.

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Distant Movements

In Distant Movements we close our eyes. Thus we immerse ourselves in the imagination of our own space and we can not control how we appear on the screen. We are guided through this space, at the same time real, virtual and imaginary, by a voice. It is this voice that creates a shared mental space.

In this shared space our bodies dance and interpret, each in their own way, the words coming in two different languages. It is clear that in the immediacy of our interpretations, our smallest differences occur, revealing an unsuspected value. So many bodies, so many dances: in-reproducible, inimitable. And each one gets in tune with the other and dances with the other, imagining the dance of the other in his own inner space.

In July 2018 Daniel Pinheiro, a performer and visual artist based in Porto, Muriel Piqué, a choreographic artist, researcher and performer from Montpellier and I started working on a new project called Distant Movements. In this project the intense presence of and attention for the unseen other, experienced in another online networked project called Distant Feelings*, is extended with an exploration of our bodies in motion and the imagination of the other who also moves, who also dances.

Distant Movements wants
– to give an intimate access to a danced, dancing body
– to reveal the body to poetry / to acces a poetic body
– to activate a body at a distance
– to research – the relation body-machine, their interdependence, their entanglement, the connection, the constraints – meeting at a distance mediated by cables, the voice, our imagination, our sensations – the relation between the real space / virtual space / imagined space.
– to share the magic of dancing together over distance

Distant Movements uses performance as a tool.

Distant Movements manifests itself as
– a research web site; an anarchive** : traces intended to be potential carriers, that can be reactivated.
– a series of online experiments
– online participatory performances accessible via
– performances / installations in situ
– video traces some of which will have the status of a stand-alone art work.

Distant Movements can be followed here :
So far we had 7 sessions. In the future we will invite more people to assist in our experiments.


* Distant Feelings is an ongoing project by Annie Abrahams and Daniel Pinheiro – an online ritual of contemplation on our situation of being together while being separated. Eyes closed, no talking.

** For a concise definition of the anarchive visit

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Distant Movement(s) #1

volantino-3days-2018June 30th 19:10 Distant Movement(s) #1 test (30′)
Distributed performance with audience participation.
On online togetherness and movement without movement.

In the frame of /Prolegòmeni e Gómene/ *
Performing Art 3Days, Teatro Rossi Aperto, Pisa (It).

Ad Hoc Group: Annie Abrahams, Daniel Pinheiro and Muriel Piqué.
With Ivana Gherbaz for the French-Italian translation.

Muriel, a choreographer from Montpellier, will guide a 12 minutes long choreographic gesture only using her voice in front of her webcam. She will describe, eyes closed, the bodily sensations she experienced during a choreographic sequence she developed based on simple daily activities in her private environment. Annie in Montpellier and Daniel in Lisbon will listen with their eyes closed in front of their webcams. All three will be united in one interface, that will be projected in Pisa in front of an audience. People in Pisa can watch the projection but also join the experience on the spot.
There will be no online audience.

Can we read this imaginary movement in people far away on the surface of a screen?
Can we share something as intimate as feeling a dance?

And does this sharing over time via machines connect us?

When we look at a projection of a face in close-up we enter an intimate space, an intimate space of looking closely into the subtle changes that occur. When we listen to someone sharing the feelings provoked by a dance, we sort of dream this dance, we think and feel it and this will open up to an interior of hitherto unexplored paths, the body shifting through careful guidance.

screencapture during the performance – more information soon.

*Prolegòmeni – explanatory dissertations introducing a theory, the subject of a study, a doctrine. Gómene – twisted hemp hawsers, mooring ropes for boats.
Hence: a line of words meant to validate other words, to unite or divide; a material line supported by gestures, to leave or land.

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“Insult me”, “Una, dos, tres, cuatro” etc. : 5 studies for Huis Clos / No Exit.

Studies for a protocol for
Huis Clos / No Exit
performance series by Annie Abrahams

21 Nov. 2008, L’animal a l’esquena, Celra, Spain.
International Laboratory “Interactive digital media on stage” Organisation Nu2’s.

Insult me!
High quality vimeo version available

Una dos tres cuatro
High quality vimeo version available

Show me your ugly face
High quality vimeo version available

Could you kiss me?
High quality vimeo version available

High quality vimeo version available

9-10 January 2009. Presentation of  these studies and the project “Huis Clos / No Exit” at the Festival IDN, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, Spain.

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L’envoyer à Mars pour y trouver la quiétude / Send it to Mars so it can rest

Performance for the inauguration of the bleuOrange hypertext webzine.
March 20 2008, 7 pm, studio OBORO, 4001, Montréal.
performance discours sur la JR Carpenter
How to disperse the popular discours on violence?

Performance with Rebecca Barnstapple (choreographer) and her company Teatro de las Flores. 15 min.
After 5 minutes of looking at the video projection of a accelerated reconstruction of the text “Qu’est-ce que c’est la violence ?” written by website visitors of between 07 04 2006 and 16 05 2007, the silence was broken by three instruments (pertcussion, cello, clarinet), two dancers started dancing, they were joined by 11 others and the public.

One minute video impression on youtube

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Beyond Convention?, Key note, Symposium Cyberperformance: Artistic and Pedagogical Practices, 29 - 30 June, Gambelas Campus, University of Algarve.

ffaille and con flicting, multilingual animated poetry, made for ELO 2023 (12-15/07).

Bientôt! Entretien au sujet de Distant Movements Annie Abrahams, Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau, Alix de Morant, Dabiel Pinheiro, Muriel Piqué, p-e-r-f-o-r-m-a-n-c-e Création Research Vol.6 | 2022.

8 oktober 2023 tot en met 1 april 2024, Being Human presented in REBOOT, Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

Constallationsss with Alice Lenay, Pascale Barret, Alix Desaubliaux et occasionellement Gwendoline Samidoust et Carin Klonowski.

Distant Movements with Muriel Piqué and Daniel Pinheiro.

(E)stranger. Research on What language does to you or not.

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