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douter de sa perception d’autrui / doubting the presence of the other

(FR) A la suite de la session Distant Movements #9, Muriel Piqué, dans son texte Entre Imaginaire et empathie / Between the Imaginary and Empathy, parle du doute de sa perception d’autrui, d’une altérité qui lui, en tant que danseuse et chorégraphe, était jusqu’alors inconnue.

(ENG) After the session Distant Movements # 9 Muriel Piqué, in her text Entre Imaginaire et empathie / Between the Imaginary and Empathy, speaks of her doubting perception of the others, of an otherness which to her, as a dancer and choreographer, was previously unknown.

(FR) Non seulement je perds toute notion du temps, mais je perds également toute représentation de moi-même.

(ENG) Not only do I lose all sense of time, but I also lose all representation of myself. I no longer clearly distinguish reality, I enter a mental space between the imaginary and feeling.

(FR) Lorsque je ressens ou crois ressentir le flux du mouvement de l’autre : est-ce que je ressens réellement de l’empathie pour cet autre corps en mouvement ou bien est-ce que je l’imagine ?

(ENG) When I feel or think I feel the flow of the other’s movement: do I really feel empathy for this other moving body or do I imagine it?

(FR) Je ne distingue plus clairement la réalité, j’entre dans un espace mental entre imaginaire et ressenti. Je sais que je ne suis pas seule dans cet espace mental …

(ENG) I no longer clearly distinguish reality, I enter a mental space between the imaginary and feeling. I know that I am not alone in this mental space …

(FR) Les yeux fermés, je suis à l’écoute du prolongement de la guidance partagée. Et je pressens parfois même le prolongement de notre danse, à moins que je ne l’imagine…

(ENG) With my eyes closed, I am listening to the extension of the shared guidance. And I sometimes sense the extension of our dance, unless I imagine it …


Est-ce qu’elle répond à Célia Bonnet-Ligeon, qui dans son article En VR, on reconnaît son corps dans celui de l’autre, parle de Distant Movements ? Célia y visite des projets VR et se demande:

Alors que manque-t-il à la réalité virtuelle pour qu’elle soit autre chose qu’un divertissement, qu’une sensation renouvelée de notre propre corps ? …. Pourquoi associer la commensalité à la réalité virtuelle ?


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Distant Movements

In Distant Movements we close our eyes. Thus we immerse ourselves in the imagination of our own space and we can not control how we appear on the screen. We are guided through this space, at the same time real, virtual and imaginary, by a voice. It is this voice that creates a shared mental space.

In this shared space our bodies dance and interpret, each in their own way, the words coming in two different languages. It is clear that in the immediacy of our interpretations, our smallest differences occur, revealing an unsuspected value. So many bodies, so many dances: in-reproducible, inimitable. And each one gets in tune with the other and dances with the other, imagining the dance of the other in his own inner space.

In July 2018 Daniel Pinheiro, a performer and visual artist based in Porto, Muriel Piqué, a choreographic artist, researcher and performer from Montpellier and I started working on a new project called Distant Movements. In this project the intense presence of and attention for the unseen other, experienced in another online networked project called Distant Feelings*, is extended with an exploration of our bodies in motion and the imagination of the other who also moves, who also dances.

Distant Movements wants
– to give an intimate access to a danced, dancing body
– to reveal the body to poetry / to acces a poetic body
– to activate a body at a distance
– to research – the relation body-machine, their interdependence, their entanglement, the connection, the constraints – meeting at a distance mediated by cables, the voice, our imagination, our sensations – the relation between the real space / virtual space / imagined space.
– to share the magic of dancing together over distance

Distant Movements uses performance as a tool.

Distant Movements manifests itself as
– a research web site; an anarchive** : traces intended to be potential carriers, that can be reactivated.
– a series of online experiments
– online participatory performances accessible via
– performances / installations in situ
– video traces some of which will have the status of a stand-alone art work.

Distant Movements can be followed here :
So far we had 7 sessions. In the future we will invite more people to assist in our experiments.


* Distant Feelings is an ongoing project by Annie Abrahams, Daniel Pinheiro and Lisa Parra – an online ritual of contemplation on our situation of being together while being separated. Eyes closed, no talking.

** For a concise definition of the anarchive visit

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  • 25/08 7-10pm (London time) participation in Radio Play by Rohanne Udall & Paul Hughes.
  • 26/09 19h30 Distant Feelings #6 opening performance Video Vortex, Valletta, Malta.
  • 7-12/10 Magdalena Montpellier Performance XD,^_^,:3,:-D, Annie Abrahams, Pascale Barret, Alix Desaubliaux, Alice Lenay, Carin Klonowski et Gwendoline Samidoust. Table ronde.
  • 12/10 – 25/01 Exposition Angry Women take1 in Hadaly et Sowana, cyborgs et sorcières, l’Espace Gantner, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Bourogne.

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