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Annie Abrahams

Margarida Carvalho : On Duet – Satz, A letter to Annie.

In fact I think that the series Duet – Satz as well as the first series MeetingS – ConversationS work on the idea of affect as perception of our existence in the world, our vitality and becoming, and so, too, of our ability to create and share other times and spaces. Affect implies bodies and, as it makes them porous, it also moves through the intercorporeal world. Maybe that’s why I find it so appropriate the coordination between breathing and the occupy movement that you weave in Duet – Satz 1, Breathing. “Occupy breath,” that is, “occupy one’s own body” is a principle of performative and political rupture with the spectacle of the manipulation of the affections, typical to the dominant neoliberalism, which leaves us precisely “breathless”, able to spend money but no time, immersed in permanent crisis and alertness

Extract from On Duet – Satz, A letter to Annie by Margarida Carvalho. This text is a reaction on a series of Domestic Streaming Performances by Antye Greie (AGF Poemproducer) and Annie Abrahams (1010 – 1011).

Margarida Carvalho is lecturer at the School of Communication and Media Studies (Lisbon Polytechnic Institute)

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Duet – Satz 1, 2, 3 et 4

Conversations between Antye Greie (aka AGF) et Annie Abrahams II – une série de Domestic Streaming Performances.

Respiration / Breathing, Le Quotidien / Daily life, La Famille / Der Familie, Les Rêves / L’Utopie / Dreams
13, 14, 15 et 16 décembre 2011 de 19h00 à 19h30

Ici, here et en direct sur le site de L’espace Multimédia Gantner

Performances de 5 à 30 minutes – possibilité de échange tchat pendant et après.
Performances between 5 and 30 minutes long – possibility to chat during and after.

It would be perfect if we hadn’t technical problems.
Remember forever more
It will last untill we will meet in real life.
You’re still the one I kiss good night
Verse 2 of a song by Annie and songlyricsgenerator  for Antye – August 2010.

In August 2010 Annie and Antye did  A Meeting is a Meeting is a Meeting – a first series of 9 Domestic Streaming Performances.

“… we explicitly challenge one another. We push each other towards new terrains, and into unknown, unrehearsed actions. We did not aim to produce an intimate encounter for this work, but the fact that we enter unknown realms makes it intimate because we cannot control the image of ourselves that we broadcast to the public. For this performance we both accept a discomforting prerequisite: something that we don’t want others to know about us, something secret, will, no doubt, escape. The moment this condition of discomfort suddenly and unexpectedly occurs is maybe one of the most intimate moments one can share: when a secret escapes during a performance, the minute it reveals itself to us and to our observers, this secret cannot but be unstaged. It is a moment of nakedness within the performance.
Annie Abrahams on “A Meeting is a Meeting is a Meeting” in “Allergic to Utopias“,
interview for Digimag 58, October 2010 by Maria Chatzichristodoulou.

Antye Greie
Digital songwriter, sound composer and poet – Born 1969 in East Germany lives and works in Hailuoto, Finland. Known also as AGF. Focus of work includes the relationship between language and sound, audiovisual live performance, digital communication, sound installations and commissions for movies and theater. Throughout her career, Greie has released 20 long player records and numerous collaborations under such aliases as AGF/Delay (with Vladislav Delay), Greie Gut Fraktion (with Gudrun Gut), and The Lappetites (with Kaffe Matthews and Eliane Radigue), many collaborations with the award-winning classical composer Craig Armstrong. Greie also runs her own production company, AGF Producktion, and has produced records for other artists, including Ellen Allien (SOOL, 2009, BPitch).

Compositeur Digital et poète – Né en 1969 en Allemagne de l’Est vit et travaille à Hailuoto, en Finlande. Connu aussi comme AGF. L’objet de son travail comprend la relation entre le langage et le son, audiovisuel live performance, la communication numérique, des installations sonores et des commissions pour les films et le théâtre. Tout au long de sa carrière, Greie a publié 20 disques et a participé à de nombreuses collaborations sous des pseudonymes tels que AGF / Delay (avec Vladislav Delay), Fraktion Gut Greie (avec Gudrun Gut), et The Lappetites (avec Kaffe Matthews et Eliane Radigue), et avec le compositeur classique Craig Armstrong. Greie dirige également sa propre société de production, AGF Producktion, et a produit des enregistrements pour d’autres artistes, notamment Ellen Allien (Sool, 2009, BPitch).

Annie Abrahams
Docteur en biologie (Université d’Utrecht 1978) et diplômée de l’école des Beaux-Arts d’Arnhem (1986). Son travail, qui utilise aussi bien la vidéo, la performance que l’Internet, questionne les possibilités et les limites de la communication, dont elle explore plus spécifiquement les modalités propres au réseau. Elle est internationalement reconnue en tant que pionnière de la performance en réseau.
Elle a fait beaucoup de performances et a largement exposé son travail en France, y compris au Centre Pompidou, à Paris et dans de nombreuses galeries internationales, dont le Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center à Asheville, North Carolina, US ; Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló, Espagne; le New Musem à New York; Furtherfield gallery (formerly HTTP), Londres; le NIMk à Amsterdam et dans des festivals internationaux comme le Moscow Film Festival, le Festival international du film de Rotterdam et Stuttgarter Filmwinter, et sur des plateformes en ligne comme et Turbulence. Du 28 octobre 2011 au 1 janvier 2012 le Crac de Sète lui consacrera une exposition personnelle sous le titre Training for A Better World.

Vidéo archive of Satz 1 Respiration / Breathing
Screengrabset of Satz 1
Video archive of Satz 2 Le Quotidien / Daily life
Video archive of Satz 3 La Famille / Der Familie
Video archive of Satz 4 Les Rêves / L’Utopie / Dreams

Reaction On Duet – Satz, A letter to Annie by Margarida Carvalho

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Documentation 9 Meetings

A Meeting is a Meeting is a Meeting
5-14 08 2010 – 8 short Domestic Streaming performances
by Annie Abrahams and Antye Greie
for You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato
a show curated by Anna Smith and Nathalie Boobis, Wigan UK.

Where to find wilderness when you are at home? Sound : Antye Greie.

yeux, antye greie , annie abrahamsReading a text on collaboration together.

What do you like?

Talking about Communism.

antye greie, annie abrahamsTalking about Love. “It would be perfect if we hadn’t technical problems”

Playing a ping pong game.

Surfing for News.

Turning around…  Sound Antye Greie.

More images

The relation didn’t exist, it came into being.

Possible future subjects : Surveillance, Space, Intimacy, Our machines and Communism again.#

I love your music, your coolness, your sereness. Read the rest of this entry »

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Beyond Convention?, Key note, Symposium Cyberperformance: Artistic and Pedagogical Practices, 29 - 30 June, Gambelas Campus, University of Algarve.

ffaille and con flicting, multilingual animated poetry, made for ELO 2023 (12-15/07).

Bientôt! Entretien au sujet de Distant Movements Annie Abrahams, Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau, Alix de Morant, Dabiel Pinheiro, Muriel Piqué, p-e-r-f-o-r-m-a-n-c-e Création Research Vol.6 | 2022.

8 oktober 2023 tot en met 1 april 2024, Being Human presented in REBOOT, Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

Constallationsss with Alice Lenay, Pascale Barret, Alix Desaubliaux et occasionellement Gwendoline Samidoust et Carin Klonowski.

Distant Movements with Muriel Piqué and Daniel Pinheiro.

(E)stranger. Research on What language does to you or not.

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