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Douglas Davis Double Entendre

I want to share two url’s send by Curt to me yesterday.

I didn’t know Double Entendre: Two Sites Two Times Two Sides a work by Douglas Davis from 1981.
I am amazed, pleased. The piece is related to the performance Double Blind I did together with Curt in 2009.

There is another reference: Boomerang by Richard Serra (with Nancy Holt) from 1974

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  • May 24 – August 2, Séparation in afterflash exhibition, ELO’s The NEXT.
  • May. Participation in ELO 2021 with Utterings Panel and Lead performance.
  • June 23, 16h 90 min online performance workshop Angry Women, @MagdalenaOnlineFest 
  • June 26 20h Angry Women online performance @MagdalenaOnlineFest 
  • Ongoing Constallationsss

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