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Annie Abrahams

Stranger Collaborations – London Art Fair.

18 – 22 January 2017,
London Art Fair, the Art Projects Screening Room,
Stranger Collaborations.
Curation Pryle Behrman.

Artists in the show:
Annie Abrahams (Angry Women Take 2), Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion (Glitter), Ruth Catlow (Time Is Speeding Up), Liz Sterry (Drinking Alone) and Michael Szpakowski (Shit Happens in Vegas).

Stranger Collaborations is an exhibition featuring artworks that in some way wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborations formed via the internet, showing how strangers can, sometimes even unknowingly, create an artistic partnership online.

Liz Sterry, ‘Drinking Alone with the Internet, Star Wars Edition, Take 1’.

The artworks of Annie Abrahams and Liz Sterry create temporary communities that are ‘safe spaces’ in which socially-proscribed behaviours – such as public anger or private alcohol consumption – are accepted and even embraced. Mark Westall, short interview of Pryle Behrman in Fadmagazine.

What to see at the London Art Fair 2017? Art Fund_  Jan 11.

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Review ‘Training for a Better World’ by Annie Abrahams

By Michael Szpakowski published in
and also in

“Nice review! I’m not so sure that I agree with all the assertions at the beginning – …works of art are not messages but objects. They don’t say things nor ask questions, nor assert, nor investigate. Neither do they as objects have messages somehow encoded or embedded within them. To assert otherwise is a massive category error.– but I very much like the way this is written; the descriptiveness of it, telling us what Annie’s work is like as well as what you think of it; and that nice epiphany on which you finish.Edward Picot

“When you remove yourself from the perpetual frothy churn of art_writing_lite on the net, you get insightful, empathetic, reflective writing like this.” Play Damage

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Training for a Better World – expo documentation

Le livret de l’exposition Training for a Better World en téléchargement. Edition CRAC.
Download as .pdf .

Michael Szpakowski reviews Annie Abrahams’ exhibition with a photo essay combining photo documentation, self portraiture and simple lively drawings to capture the elements and atmospheres of networked interactions. V. enjoyableRuth Catlow.

The show doesn’t consist of moving image work only. There are some prints, drawings and a minimalist installation consisting of a single photograph of a pair of married fire-fighters and a sound track of them reading (in an extraordinarily graceful and musical edit [and this is where in this piece any surface similarities to, say, Nauman find their limit. Grace. Grace and elegance throughout.]) a collaborative text on fear. Michael Szpakowski also wrote a review Training for A Better World for dvblog.

“Dans ses performances, Annie Abrahams prolonge et éclaire les pratiques sociales liées à internet. Dans cet univers que nous connaissons tous, nous sommes à la fois seuls face à une machine et en contact avec les autres. Comment nos relations se tissent-elles? Que dévoile-t-on de nous sur la toile?” Annie Abrahams Entretien  par Aleksandra Smilek sur 13 déc. 2011. Photos CRAC.

Annie ABRAHAMS – Training for a better world -… par CRAC-LR. Entretien et vidéo Aloïs Aurelle.

Reportage made for “Simeio Art”
a program on the Greek public television NET.
Interview: Evi Tsirigotaki. Camera, sound and mounting: Philippe Vu. English spoken.

Montage de la pièce On Collaboration avec une vingtaine de volontaires  le 17 10 2011.
Annie Abrahams – Project room : Training for a Better World
par CRAC-LR. Entretien et vidéo Aloïs Aurelle.

Dans les coulisses un entretien plus léger, drôle peut être, par

Extrait en photo et son de la performance du 1 – 12 2011 Huis Clos / No Exit – Training for a Better World sur Art Documentaries.

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Image essay on ‘Training for a Better World’

Michael Szpakowski reviews Annie Abrahams’ exhibition with a photo essay combining photo documentation, self portraiture and simple lively drawings to capture the elements and atmospheres of networked interactions. V. enjoyable” Ruth Catlow on facebook.

Michael Szpakowski also wrote a review on Training for A Better World, my solo exhibition in the CRAC Sète for dvblog. He especially pays attention to the video installation called Angry Women :
There’s something both of portraiture and of the dance at work here, and a kind of found poetry too (which the moving image work has in common with the collaborative texts at the other end of the exhibition). The combination of iron control, planning, foresight (the grid, the protocols) with the letting go and trust evident elsewhere – the phased lengths, the blank space for the person who didn’t turn up, the open performative structure – makes for something of great richness. (english & français)

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Mutant #2 on DVblog

“This piece is described as a video arising out of the second session of a “Telematic Performance / Experiment investigating communication and relational dynamics in a dispersed group.” and it’s bewitching.

The pages documenting it bear the motto “Communication is never clean, smooth and transparent” True – and to turn that truth into crystalline & affecting art is a little miracle.” Michael Szpakowski

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Squad performance video fragment

squad1l’escouade Je vous en prie, entrez“?

Utterly bonkers* & totally splendid video documentation of a performance
by Annie Abrahams, Colette Tron et Emmanuelle Delafraye.
Annie Abrahams performs the movements whilst the others
read texts on the subject of fear, garnered, I believe, from the internet.
” Michael Szpakowski on DVblog

Intervention pendant la session InternetMonAmour Pourquoi la création ne soutient pas la loi Hadopi dans le cadre du festival RIAM 06, 17 février  à 18h30 à la Boate à Marseille.

Musique Henryk Gorecki: mix de ‘Symphony of Sorrowful Songs’

Attention son très bas, augmentez votre volume.

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