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I want / Je veux / Ik wil – net art
Watch, misschien zie je wel iets – protocol
Two pieces for


Near Enough?3rd near-field communication digital art biennale, #nfcdab
5-12 August,
Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam.
Opening: Sunday 2pm on 05-08-2018

#nfcdab is a do-it-youself or do-it-with-others? digital art biennale that travels on wireless technologies, light waves and electromagnetic fields to access content. The idea of the biennale is to take advantage of the potential of near-field (mis)communication and other sharing technologies for making web-based digital art accessible in outdoors settings to slack-keep presence.



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#ReadingClub #McKenzie Wark #ARPANET dialogues


Organised with Furtherfield two online performance sessions of the Reading Club
8pm London time

October 21st
Session  based on a chunk of A Hacker Manifesto by McKenzie Wark.[version 4.0]
with Aileen Derieg, Cornelia SollfrankDmytri Kleiner and Marc Garrett.
Recording and chatlog :
Hacking – The Hacker Manifesto

October 22nd
Session  based on a part of one of the ARPANET dialogues from 1975 -1976.
with Alessandro Ludovico, Jennifer Chan, Lanfranco Aceti and Ruth Catlow. They reenacted this historic collision in a contemporary context.
Recording and chatlog :
Postinternet is’s undefined bastard child – ARPANET dialogues

Reading Club  proposes a text and an interpretive arena to 4 readers. These readers write together their reading of a text inside the text itself. The audience sees an evolving, cinematographic picture of thoughts and collaborative writing in the making.

Reading Club is

* an intertextual play and an interpretive arena

* a device to explore reading on the web

* a factory of moving texts

* testing (once more) the status of the author

* a place where the public has a voice

More info also in English :

ReadingClub is supported by Dicréam.

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qui suis je? 1999 – 2010

*Image : Crowd Sign (CC) par/by Katmere

Magazine electronique du CIAC no 37/2010
Centre International d’Art Contemporain Montréal

qui suis-je? Annie Abrahams (1999) Review, article de Cyril Thomas, Rédacteur en chef de la nouvelle revue trilingue, Transdigital, dédiée aux arts de la scène et aux nouvelles technologies. Il collabore également à diverses revues papier ou sur internet, notamment Ciel Variable, Scènes,, et Patch.

“Je souris, parce que le temps travaille, ne résiste pas, la vérité est relative, ailleurs, là où ça n’existe plus, où on ne parle plus. Le “je ” dans “Qui suis je?” était le site, je l’avais personnalisé ce site, je l’avais fait parler, parce qu’il était menacé par le désaccord, par l’éparpillement, par .. , il était mort peu après … Je te souris. ” Annie à Cyril 01 09 2010.  “Cet article est comme une séance de psychanalyse.”

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* Time to relax, to think about writing a book, about continuing Entanglements Trainings and how to develop distributed intelligence, about neural networks and performance and maybe VR. .

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