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If not you not me – catalogue essay


This essay accompanies If not you not me, an exhibition of networked performance art by Annie Abrahams at HTTP Gallery in London.

Where social networking sites make us think of communication as clean and transparent, Abrahams creates an Internet of feeling – of agitation, collusion, ardour and apprehension.” Catalogue essay by Ruth Catlow.


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The wandering ant II. Relations and positions in a connected world.


Annie Abrahams, Ajaykumar and RuthCatlow:
Relations and Positions in a Connected World

Part of Thursday Club Summer Season 2009
Thursday Club Event,
Goldsmiths Digital Studios,

Annie Abrahams : The wandering ant II.
Relations and positions in a connected world.
Ajaykumar : iPak
Ruth Catlow, Furtherfield : Chair
Location: Seminar Rooms, Ben Pimlott Building
Cost: Free of charge, all welcome. No Booking Required
Time: 11 June 2009, 18:00 – 20:00

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Fundamentalism v Evolution by Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett

I just watched
Fundamentalism v Evolution: another dilemma of coexistence“,
Archive of the visitorsstudio performance by Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett at Banff

I am impressed, It’s beautiful, and it brings on reflexion!
The piece has a good pace, beautiful sound, it’s not imposing, but letting you time to adjust, to find your way, and all the time it isn’t where I thought it would be, it doesn’t bring me where I thought it might bring me. And that’s great!

It’s also strange.
Because it left me with an overwhelming impression that religion is far more attractive than science, that it has more aesthetic beauty than science.

More information about background etc in the Diwologue blog. Do it with others.

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* The ReadingClub is shortlisted for the Netbased Award 2018 of HeK Basel.

* Some distance, some time to relax, thinking about writing a book, about continuing Entanglements Trainings and how to develop distributed intelligence and maybe VR.

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