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Italian “translation” of Separation / Séparation

Mauro Carassai and Renata Morresi made an Italian powerpoint and javascript translation (2012) of Separation/Séparation (2002). They didn’t have the flash source codes and so imagined how translation of this piece of E-lit could be done from its experience alone.

Translation, Mutation, Decay.

The powerpoint version is hilarious (after clicking through 184 slides it stops – the poem can’t be read completely). The javascript version doesn’t work in all browsers and lacks some features, but does give an impression. (thanks!)

That’s what time can, will do with a piece of electronic art, I thought.
E-lit also is like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall.

Carassi and Morresi wrote an article about their adventure which now appreared as
Verbal Disengagements: Translating Language Games in Annie Abrahams’s Separation/Séparation in Translating E-Literature (2015). Eds. Regnauld, Arnaud and Abrioux, Yves. Bibliothèque de l’Université Paris 8 (Saint-Denis, France).


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MTAA’s Physical Bookmarks – Vintage Net Art Created Before Facebook

MTAA’s Physical Bookmarks for Vintage Net Art Created Before Facebook (BF-2004), 2015
5 x 6 inch etched vinyl on panel, no edition, $125 each

Tinjail – You, 2001
MTAA – MTAA’s Working Process, 1998
G.H. Hovagimyan – Homepage, 1999
Yael Kanarek – World of Awe, 2000
Annie Abrahams – Séparation/Separation, 2002
Vuk Ćosić – Ascii History of Art for the Blind, 1998

Over The Opening (OTO) @ the Internet Yami-ichi


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Ugly Feelings – Townhouse Gallery, Cairo


I am happy to be part of this exposition curated by Ania Szremski.
The emotional impact of working (or being unable to work) in this context has shifted our institutional and curatorial thinking. “Ugly Feelings” is a first step towards reflecting on that shift, a gesture towards a project that will manifest in 2014 asking if an institution can create an exhibition without an artist.

Opening reception Sunday, October 20, 7 pm
Townhouse First Floor Gallery, Cairo.

… “The current Townhouse tackles feelings of frustration and despair dominating Egypt’s transitional process, exploring how art institutions can continue to function in such challenging times.” …  “I had originally wanted to show Moving Excerpts, as well as Separation in an Internet café exhibition in 2011 called ‘Talk to Me’, which was cancelled due to the events of Mohamed Mahmoud,” Szremski remembered, “then I felt that they made a lot of sense in the context of ‘Ugly Feelings’ and I was happy to have the chance to finally show them in Egypt.” … Yasmine Zohdi in the article Cairo’s Townhouse Gallery embraces ‘Ugly Feelings’ on ahramonline

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Separation / Séparation ELC Review

John Zuern on Separation/Séparation in his review Where Are We Now?: Orienteering in the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2 for the Electronic Book Review (2011-11-09 ).

“The very first piece in the lineup, Annie Abrahams’ Flash poem “Separation/Séparation,” strikingly emphasizes both the bodily and geographic dimensions of literary creation and reception. Inspired by the author’s experience of repetitive-strain injury, the poem is designed to reinforce ergonomic guidelines aimed at preventing such injuries. Clicking too quickly or forcefully invokes the error message, “You don’t have the right attitude in front of your computer,” and the poem periodically pauses to lead the reader through stress-reduction exercises. While the central focus of Abrahams’ piece is the computer user’s fraught relationship with the machine, by providing English and French versions of the work, Abrahams, a Dutch artist working in France, also underscores the powerful but often under-recognized role of a language – “native,” “national,” “other,” “foreign” – in situating us in relation to whatever we read, even when that situation amounts to a separation due to our inability to comprehend. As do many of the texts in Volume 2, “Separation/Séparation” encodes the coordinates of its creation in the form of the different human languages it engages.”

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Review ELO V2


1 December 2011

“…Other works aim to draw attention to that greater ‘link’ back to the body operating the computer. Some of the works seem to understand the computer (a laptop or a desktop) as a kind of furniture, one we may have become too comfortable with. After clicking impatiently several times to get the next word of a poem revealed in this way, Annie Abraham’s English/French work separation/séparation informs, alternatively, ‘Vous n’avez pas le bonne attitude devant l’ordinateur’ / ‘You do not have the right attitude in front of your computer.’ I am instructed to do an exercise demonstrated on the screen, ‘Open your eyes as wide as possible and lift your eyebrows for five seconds’; a bar appears on the screen indicating the elapsed and remaining time. A bit later, another punishment/exercise requires standing up, and as I am doing so I notice a large orange painting on the wall of the room I am in. I had registered it before, but realise then that I had never looked at it for any length of time. The composer Edgar Varèse once said that the greatest pleasure the radio gave was turning it off. The same could be said of electronic literature and clicking Shut Down…”

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Electronic Literature Collection Volume Two

Separation / Séparation (2002) included in
The Electronic Literature Collection Volume Two.

The game and dialogue among artist, machine, and reader facilitates a general reflection on the role of the body in processes of reading and writing.”

February 2011,  College Park, Maryland: Electronic Literature Organization
ISSN: 1932-2011
Editors : Laura Borràs, Talan Memmott, Rita Raley and Brian Kim Stefans

The Electronic Literature Collection Volume Two has been published (with identical contents) on the web and on DVD-ROM. This dual publication is intended to allow the volume to reach the broadest audience possible and to provide for reading, classroom use, sharing, and reference on and off the network. Anyone can request a free DVD-ROM from: Electronic Literature Organization / Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) / B0131 McKeldin Library / University of Maryland / College Park, MD 20742.

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Bit et bit et calligrammes

Écritures numériques : Etats
Périphérie XXII

lundi 14 juin 2010 / 18:30 – 23:00

Entrée libre
le MOTif
6 Villa Marcel Lods Paris 19° M° Belleville

Le Marché de la poésie et le Bipval se sont associés pour, dans le cadre des périphéries du marché de la poésie, présenter quatre créateurs qui ont su s’emparer de l’informatique pour proposer de nouvelles approches d’écriture.

Avec Jean-Pierre Balpe, directeur du Bipval, les artistes Philippe Boisnard, Emmanuel Rabu et Annie Abrahams.

Mise en action, performance de Séparation

Support de présence :

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*26/11 20:00 unaussprechbarlich work-in-progress mit Helen Varley Jamieson, Villa Waldberta, Feldafing.
* 28/11 18:30 besides, smaller than a single pixel Online performance On Object Agency with Martina Ruhsam for pixxelpoint 2015.
* 4/12 20:00 unaussprechbarlich, work-in-progress mit Helen Varley Jamieson, Schwere Reiter, München.
*9/12 20:00 unaussprechbarlich, work-in-progress mit Helen Varley Jamieson, Lothringer13 Rroom, München.

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Opening Event Mie lahkoo pomagate

Opening Event Mie lahkoo pomagate

Opening Event Mie lahkoo pomagate

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