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For this first opus of the Whish You Were Here! Serie, focusing on the theme  of Mobility, the two curators, Cyril Thomas  and Jean-Luc Soret, have selected works  by artists with very different aesthetic  approaches: Annie Abrahams, Beatriz da  Costa, Nicolas Frespech, Antti Laitinen,  Albertine Meunier and Servovalve  (Gregory Pignot and Alia Daval).

6×6/36 belongs to the series Wish You Were Here! a series of thematic projects proposed by the Collectif NUNC, at the crossroad of printed and electronic publishing and new ways of exhibiting art. Three questions are at the basis of the project Wish You Were Here!: What is the role of exhibition catalogue for contemporary art? What is the relation between printed and electronic publication for exhibitions? How can artworks that are no longer « objects » be exhibited? In short, how to redesign and rethink exhibition and curation today?

6 x 6 / 36 – Déplacement / Mobility
Éditions Subjectile
8, rue Ferrand BP40506 — 59321 Valenciennes
ISBN : 9782365300001
Dépôt légal : septembre 2011

Bilingual print publication on self-adhesive paper.  Order from Subjectile. 9,50 € VAT included. A shipping charge may be added.
A digital version of the book (in French or in English) can be downloaded from the online bookshop Immatériel and printed on self-adhesive paper.

Launch : Wednesday 14 September from 1pm to 2:30 pm at the Sabanci Center, Levent (Istanbul) as part of ISEA 2011.

Information en français

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Article Nature morte partagée

Nature morte partagée de Bernard dans Tractopelle #1 mars 2010.

Tractopelle est le projet imprévu d’une poignée d’étudiants versés dans l’art contemporain.
Tractopelle tente d’enquêter, d’interpréter, de déterrer des pistes au sein de la vie artistique montpelliéraine et ses abords.
Tractopelle n’est pas formaté, il est inconstant et imprévisible.
Tractopelle, car critique, est une chimère.
Tractopelle est le dessein d’un hasard, de conjectures conjuguées en accident.
Tractopelle ne veut rien dire.
Tractopelle se donne le droit à l’erreur.
Tractopelle se lit mensuellement.
Tractopelle est toujours en construction

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* 7/06-23/06 Résidence Itérations Constant association for art and media, Bruxelles and ESC medien kunst labor, Graz.
Exposition Imal Bruxelles 23/06/ - 31/07/2016
* 7-8/07 besides, subjectivity is no longer a privileged site for emancipation Performance in the conference The Politics of Performance and Play. Feminist Matters. Institute of philosophy, University of Leiden.

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Double Blind (love)

Double Blind (love)

Double Blind (love)

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