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Talk on collaboration in cyberformance (pdf)

: Communication is never clean smooth and transparent

: Machines don’t make communication easier, they just change it.

: Machines are fragile and need a lot of attention

: humans also have hormones and moods in front of a screen

: Communication is always dangerous

: About relational dynamics in a dispersed group

: investigating and staging the limits and possibilities of machine mediated collaboration and co-creation

: Alone together

: sharing a place of expression and responsibility

: Loneliness
: adolescent group-dynamics and partying

: Mirrored image
: Losing spatial control
: Can’t trust the body

: Bodies are absent, have become disorienting images, but exist in front of the screen

: Bodies constraint due to fixed position imposed by headset and webcam

: Evolving in a unified soundscape incapable of knowing who says what

: Details, subtleties in face and body expression are lacking
: the image is pixelized and of low quality

: The gaze is wandering across the screen
: There cannot be a complete overview
: There is no peripheral view

: Due to network delays there is No unified timeframe

: Perceiving what is going on is difficult
: Interacting is hazardous

: no  leader
: no one controls

: Vulnerabilities (hidden code) are revealed

: Beyond self-representation and control

: Aesthetics of attention and trust

: It’s all about behavior

: How to listen ?
: When to act ?
: Where is my place ?
: What shall I do ?
: Where can I be ?
: Where is the we ?
: What can we do ?
: Where do I stand ?
: Who can I touch ?

: And the audience ?

: Give them real agency
: Let them make a difference

: Or tell interesting stories

While passionate, persevering, trusting and with all senses “on” you need to accept …  Talk Signalraum Night of Cyberformance  09 / 01 /2014,
Signalraum für Klang une Kunst, Münich and online for the Upstage’s 10th birthday event.

pdf 44 slides with images :

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All senses “on” … Talk


Night of Cyberformance
Thursday 09 / 01 /2014, from 19.30
Signalraum für Klang und Kunst
MUG / EINSTEIN Halle 4, Münich

A symposium on remote collaboration organised by Upstage and SignalRaum for the Upstage’s 10th birthday event.

20h10 Annie Abrahams : While passionate, persevering, trusting and with all senses “on” you need to accept …

You can come to Münich or assist online. Live links will be available on the day from here.

There will be other presentations by Isabel Valverde and Christina Papagiannouli
and three online performances :
Vita cyberformativa by Miljana Peric
Balloon by Petyr Veenstra, Floris Sirag and Gabriella Sacco
Etheatre Project and Collaborators.

Information about the performances and presentations is available here; the full programme, with time converters, is here.

Image: screencapture : Annie Abrahams and Ruth Catlow inside the installation Shared Still Life / Nature Morte Partagée Furtherfield – Kawenga 2010.

While passionate, persevering, trusting and with all senses “on” you need to accept …
“Communication is never easy and technology doesn’t change that. Annie Abrahams will talk about how she uses online performance to learn more about the limits and possibilities of networked communication and collaboration. When online, Annie Abrahams noticed, we are still immature and often behave like adolescents. It is a challenge to learn how to develop a sense of “we” in a universe of lonely togetherness, to discover what it means to think a ”to be with” based on singularities.”

.pdf with the 44 slides used in the presentation

Related : Trapped to Reveal – On webcam mediated communication and collaboration article in the Journal for Artistic Research #2 autumn 2012 ISSN 2235-0225

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Perform or Die – Rooiekop

November 6: TUESDAY at NOON in PS2
MaMRI event

Media & Memory Research Initiative’s
University of Hull’s Scarborough Campus

Perform or Die
Annie Abrahams (Multimedia Artist)

We live in a very demanding society, where even our “friends” have become commodities. Annie Abrahams will talk about how she, in her performance practice, tries to find ways to escape or to counterbalance this tendency.

Live Show [Procaster] Tue Nov 6 2012 07:22:24 AM
(Sorry for the reclame in the beginning)

November 8
University of Hull’s Scarborough Campus Studio PS3
Workshop : Rooiekop
Find words to insult, categorise them, invent others, act them out. Re-enact parts of TafelLaken. Experience insults mediated by technologie using videostreaming technics. Is it different? Does it change the relation? The power? The affective impact?
Invitation by Dr Christophe Alix.

With : Ben Robinson, Christophe Alix, Daniel Eric Farrar, Emily Loombe, Fran Bundey, Lydia Doyle, Patricia Wells, Sean Phillips and Tony Chapman.

One day together, three test protocols, three networked performance sessions to end with a first try.

More screen captures on flickr.
Three protocols test en pdf.

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Beyond Convention?, Key note, Symposium Cyberperformance: Artistic and Pedagogical Practices, 29 - 30 June, Gambelas Campus, University of Algarve.

ffaille and con flicting, multilingual animated poetry, made for ELO 2023 (12-15/07).

Bientôt! Entretien au sujet de Distant Movements Annie Abrahams, Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau, Alix de Morant, Dabiel Pinheiro, Muriel Piqué, p-e-r-f-o-r-m-a-n-c-e Création Research Vol.6 | 2022.

8 oktober 2023 tot en met 1 april 2024, Being Human presented in REBOOT, Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

Constallationsss with Alice Lenay, Pascale Barret, Alix Desaubliaux et occasionellement Gwendoline Samidoust et Carin Klonowski.

Distant Movements with Muriel Piqué and Daniel Pinheiro.

(E)stranger. Research on What language does to you or not.

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