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Annie Abrahams

Trapped to Reveal – On webcam mediated communication and collaboration

Journal for Artistic Research
An online, peer-reviewed journal for the publication and discussion of artistic research. ISSN 2235-0225

JAR2 is now online with contributions by:

Annie Abrahams (FR), Juan Carlos Castro (CA) and Daniel T. Barney (USA), Krien Clevis (NL), humhyphenhum (Deborah Harty (UK) and Phil Sawdon (UK)), Eric T. Hetzler (UK), Brita Lemmens (NL), Vida L Midgelow (UK) and Tom Williams (UK), Ruby Wallis (IE)

Abstract of  Trapped to Reveal – On webcam mediated communication and collaboration : An exposition concerning my collaborative webcam performance projects, focussing on / trying to determine the special aspects of machine mediated communication and collaboration.
I wanted to use this opportunity to organise the material from three of my webcam performance projects (Huis Clos / No Exit, Duet Satz 1, 2, 3,4 and Angry Women) in a way that would reveal their essence in a few short lines. This, as I should have known, is impossible. It is about performance, it is about processes and human beings being transformed. I formulated motives, described means and I managed to give this research a succint philosophical and political background. Relevant experiences and reactions are clustered and a short text and conclusion distilled.

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  • 18h of April, 5.00 – 6.30 pm UTC, Utterings workshop + 6.30 – 7.00 pm UTC performance We’re All Bats Listening Arts Channel.
  • May 1st Opening
    COVID E-lit exhibition. Included is Pandemic Encounter, soundpiece, 5min. and a short video of UtteringsBreathing performance.
  • May. Participation in ELO 2021 with Utterings – video, panel, lead performance.
  • June 23, 16h 90 min online performance workshop Angry Women, @MagdalenaOnlineFest 
  • June 26 20h Angry Women online performance @MagdalenaOnlineFest 
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