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Annie Abrahams

Theme Song Revisited (After Acconci)

Theme Song Revisited  (After Acconci)
webperformance 5 min
Saturday 30 04 2011
9.30 PM Paris time
Annie Abrahams

Low Lives 3 International Festival of Live Networked Performances
April 29 – 30 April 2011
23 venues and online
Curator Jorge Rojas

I am not a performer, I use performance to do research.
I am not a researcher, I use research in my performance pieces.
I am a performer who uses research as a medium.
I am a performer researching encounters. 03 2011 Annie Abrahams.

Theme song Vito Acconci 1973

Theme song Revisited Annie Abrahams
Call me, show me you are real, make me real

If the video doesn’t show up go to the youtube version

The video of this performance has been presented in Annie Abrahams personal show Training for a Better World in the CRAC LR of Sète 28/10/2011 – 01/01/2012.

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Annie Abrahams
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