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Annie Abrahams

Touched and Manipulated

The video is French spoken, but after the first 2 minutes that isn’t important any more.

Telematic Local Touch.
Participatif telematic performance
Mai 7th 2011,  8:30 PM – 30 min.
la Tapisserie
13 rue Pétion (11e arrondissement)

Texte en français

In a Hirshorn like installation  (who’s work I like) Sébastien Nourry joined me in the challenge of keeping our arms in the air for 30 minutes, of touching a stranger in a vacuum, of creating together an image of a touch. He freely submitted to a physical constraint, which recalls those suffered by our body during our daily computer use.

The image of this touch became an image of praying, of fighting, of ridicule, of worship, of…
The public invited to support us in this physical ordeal took liberties, manipulated us, made us into puppets while taking care to keep the touch intact all throughout the 30 minutes. We let them do this, preferring the changes in tension of our muscles due to these manipulations over the severity and the pain of a fixed pose.

Thanks to la Tapisserie, to Sébastien, Julien, Caroline, Margriet, Frank, Justine, Cyril, Mathieu, Marjorie, Charles and to all the others present.

More photos on Flickr

The Local Telematic Touch replaced the performance of the Intercontinental Touch. More information.

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Annie Abrahams
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