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Annie Abrahams

Choose Your Muse – interview

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Marc Garrett interviewed me for the Choose Your Muse series on Furtherfield.

And he made this image to go with it, Thanks Marc!

Other interviews in this series so far : Mike Stubbs, Igor Stromajer, Jeremy Bailley and Lynn Hershman Leeson.

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168h non-stop Réconfort Infini

Photo in January 2013 with David Lavaysse in front of the recording studio of Montpellier’s local alternatif  radio station Eko des Garrigues where we had just done an interview on his 1 min sound piece Réconfort infini (Eternal reassuring) based on one of my performance works.
One year later David made a 7 days version with daily variation of the original piece that you can now download from his 1fusé website.
On this occasion he also published a very short interview with me.
Scroll the page to see all the versions including 10 numbered audio tapes with a handmade woodburned cherry artwork and a video.
Ici pour la version française.

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Interview in Slovenian

dnevnikKlInterview V performanse vložim tisto, česar ne razumem by Tanja Lesničar – Pučko in Dnevnik 17th of April

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A three-way conversation about performance art online

Igor Štromajer & Annie Abrahams by Gretta Louw in BOMB Magazine April 21st 2014.

BOMB Magazine has been publishing conversations between artists of all disciplines since 1981. BOMB’s founders—New York City based artists and writers—created BOMB because they saw a disparity between the way artists talked about their work among themselves and the way critics described it.

I first met Igor Štromajer online—we are net-based artists, after all. That was back in 2011 when I spent 10 days locked in a Berlin gallery, available 24 hours a day for contact via the Internet to test the effects of extreme online connectedness as part of a performance called Controlling_Connectivity. Igor became very involved in the performance, posing some of the most insightful questions from participants in the piece, and eventually dubbing me the “Joan of Arc of the Internet.” Through Igor, I discovered Annie Abrahams’s wonderful, groundbreaking networked performances such as The Big Kiss, where she spent several hours “kissing” a collaborator via the web using a split-screen and close-up webcam streams of each of the performers’ mouths. Though very different in style, these two artists share a gift for showing us the messy, human side of the Internet and technology; their work is authentic, intimate, exploratory, and inspiring.” Introduction by Gretta.

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Intervista + article Reading Club PAC

15 12 2013 Reading club : intervista ad Annie Abrahams ed Emmanuel Guez, Simona Polvani, Intervista in italiano, PAC Magazine di arte & culture.
L’écriture de l’entretien en français.

04 01 2014 Reading Club: cultura digitale a Parigi fra spettacolo e lettura, Simona Polvani, PAC Magazine di arte & culture.

“Dans l’épidémie d’auteurs et de personnalisme présentéiste qui caractérisent notre époque de réseaux sociaux, Reading Club constitue une façon d’“être ensemble” sur le web dans lequel l’identité personnelle laisse place à la communauté, l’individualisation à la collectivisation, pour une nouvelle forme d’expérience artistique dans laquelle l’auteur est un sujet partagé.”
Simona Polvani dans PAC Magazine di arte & culture Reading Club: culture numérique à Paris entre spectacle et lecture 03 02 2014.

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Entretien Poptronics ReadingClub Interview

Avec le Reading Club, la lecture n’est pas un impensé

Entretien de Emmanuel Guez et Annie Abrahams par Annick Rivoire pour poptronics.
On pourrait croire (à tort), que le “Reading Club” est un mélange de “Fight Club” et de “Bookfighting”. Sauf que l’activité du “Reading Club” est avant tout la lecture, mais une lecture active, en réseau, participative, collaborative et performative.

…Ce que révèle le “Reading Club”, c’est qu’une lecture et une écriture en commun passent par l’émotion, par des tensions, par des lignes de force, mais aussi par une certaine euphorie. Tout acte d’écriture implique une certaine violence symbolique…

…Nous voulons plutôt créer une situation de confrontation, poser au lecteur la question de savoir comment choisir sa place, son attitude envers les autres qui traitent et maltraitent le texte en même temps que lui, de le mettre dans la situation de voir évoluer une pensée à laquelle il participe, mais qu’il ne maîtrise pas…

In the Reading Club, reading is not unthought

Annick Rivoire interviews Annie Abrahams and Emmanuel Guez about their recent project the “Reading Club“. The project, which experiments with an active, participatory, collaborative and performative reading on the Internet, chose Furtherfield as a host for its 4th online session. The following interview provides an interesting introduction to the ideas behind it.

BauwensFurtherfieldPopScreen capture of a test session of the Reading Club from a text on P2P by Michel Bauwens, the colors represent the interventions of the different “readers.”

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Entretien dans INFRA 02


Editions Macrosonges

Entretiens avec Annie Abrahams (page 20 – 33), Laetitia Chazel et Cécile Lecomte de Julie Menuet Le Her et Lionel Broye

Acheter ce numéro : 5 €

INFRA : Infra est une revue d’entretiens à caractère biographique, qui semble faire série de ce qui ne peut faire série  : des femmes.L’objectif de cette revue est d’entendre des femmes sans préméditer leurs paroles ni contraindre à un mode de discours, tout en proposant un temps et une forme où viennent se déposer mots, vies et désirs.

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Neural #43 Cover + Interview

neural 43

Printed Neural issue #43 “Networked Tangibility” ISSN 2037-108X

Interview with Annie Abrahams by Alessandro Ludovico page 40 – 42.
neural interview

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Interviewed by Filippo Lorenzin



We’ve chatted about borders between ‘media art’ and ‘art’, the Internet and social networks.
Filippo is a student of the Accademia di belle arti, Multimedia Visual Arts of Venice Italie.

I like to think about our relations on the so-called social web as a foam. We are like bubbles migrating through constantly changing aggregations. But the Internet is also keeping traces of all these interactions and this could be (are) used to denature the foam and put us in cases, cages where we only meet “ourselve”.

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Tweet-intervista – Simona Polvani

Annie Abrahams, olandese trapiantata da molti anni in Francia, artista visiva, video e net artista, è una pioniera della web performance che ha sviluppato in varie forme. Biologa con un’attitudine da antropologa studia i meccanismi della comunicazione e delle sue trasformazioni nella rete, secondo i concetti di intimità e collaborazione. Le sue opere, non solo video, ma anche disegni, oggetti, installazioni, sono esposte in importanti gallerie in molte parti del globo, così come le sue numerose e interessanti performance sono ospitate nei festival più innovativi dedicati alle arti digitali.

Ci siamo dati appuntamento sulla piattaforma Twitter per una Tweet-intervista in dieci domande in cinque giorni, da lunedì 16 a venerdì 20 aprile 2012.

Ogni mattina posterò due domande alle quali Annie risponderà durante la giornata.
Argomenti: net art, web performance, video art, comunicazione, sentimenti, intimità

Simona Polvani:!/SimonaPolvani
Annie Abrahams:!/annieabrahams

Rendez vous sur la plateforme Twitter de Simona Polvani, du lundi 16 avril au vendredi 20 avril 2012, pour un entretien twitter avec Annie Abrahams, docteur en biologie (Université d’Utrecht 1978) et diplômée de l’école des Beaux-Arts d’Arnhem (1986).
Chaque matin Simona posera via Twitter deux questions à Annie qui répondra pendant la journée.  La Tweet-Interview sera en italien et en français. Notre hashtag est #TwInt Plus d’information: 

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* 13/05 2017 17h Paris time, Networked conversation with Randall Packer in the Third Space Network.
* 18/06 2017 11h. Talk Networked performance art and engagement, Internet, Arte y Compromiso, Centre Culturel Puertas de Castilla (Murcia).
* 19/06 2017 20h30. Une pratique du texte numérique qui dévoile. Invitation Yan Rucar, Centre culturel international de Cerisy-la-Salle.
* 21/07 10PM Performance Ours Lingages, ELO 2017, Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória, Porto.

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Networked performance au cirque-introduction

Networked performance au cirque-introduction

Networked performance au cirque-introduction

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