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Annie Abrahams

Tableaux vivants – I can’t do it alone



31/08 2016
18h. – 21h. Tableaux vivants – I can’t do it alone
An interactive participative networked installation
A construction of tableaux vivants, of images more or less alive.
and an Artist Talk,
Kulturni Dom Šempas, Šempas 29, 5261 Šempas.

In the frame of a R.o.R. residency with BridA.
Supported by: Mestna občina Nova Gorica
With special thanks to Krajevna skupnost Šempas

In the installation using three networked computers, two webcams, a projector and simple daily life objects like vegetables, plants, toys, colloured fabrics, sponges and their own bodies people can create images together. A third person will decide on what to capture of this co-creation. Together they will discuss and decide what images among all those captured will be interesting enough to be archived and entered in the Tableaux Vivants collection.

… / (1) a time to explain – starting with a fixed image: a composition / (2) a time of action – the moving image captured in stills by someone of the public – ending with a fixed image / (3) a time to select among the screen captures – a time to discuss / …

co-creating, discussing aesthetics, humans can be objects too

Text en Slovène, Photo’s, screencaptures on flickr
.pdf with preparation instructions



Umbrella 2
2 ladies scarfs light fabric, colorful
2 buns of knitting wool (not white)
2 paper-bags
1 scotch
2 rolls of toilet paper
2 clothes-hangers
2 wooden sticks
2 or 4 balls
2 or 4 cardboard boxes
2 tablecloths or other tissues
2 towels
2 chairs
2 plants, may be flowers or a twig with leaves
2, 4 fruits
2 stones
2 salads (fresh, whole)
2 other vegetables
2 small bottles with water
colorful children’s toys – cars? …….
small puppets: warriors, animals, dragons, princesses
1 autumn leaves garland
1 let’s party luftschlange
1 princess-crown
18 (in one pack) Töpfschwâmme (2 sets)
pocket lights

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Annie Abrahams
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