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Annie Abrahams

Observatoire Critique

tout va bien newsseries 2“, Oeuvre du mois. Observatoire Critique des ressources numériques en histoire de l’art et archéologie. Work of the month.
Or on the contrary exacerbates it the duality of the daily message, the collective distilling of frights and insurances? Fear, loneliness and fragility are topics cherished by Annie Abrahams. She especially excavates in the dubious zone of the eternal search for identity by the communicating subject. A dream of ONE; to be undivided with or without the machine is echoed by News Series 2, with its split screen. Who speaks with whom? By whom we are spoken?“, Corinne Welger-Barboza , 10 07 2008.
(article not anymore available)

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Annie Abrahams
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