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Annie Abrahams

Angry Women take 3 & 4

04 12 2011 18:30 Brussels  and online

Capture d’écran de Take 3 en français.

Screencapture of Take 4 in English.

Performance: Angry Women take 3 & 4  with Anne Laforet, Annie Abrahams, Antye Greie, Bérénice Belpaire, Hedva Eltanani, Hortense Gauthier, Ienke Kastelein, Jule Chateauvert, Laurence Moletta, Laurie Bellanca, Lucille Calmel, Martina Ruhsam, Olga P Massanet, Pascale Barret and Simona Polvani

Prototypes for · pour · voor transmission

Verbindingen/Jonctions 13
30 November → 4 December 2011

I decided to put the videos of Take 3 and 4 online as they are. I really didn’t make any sense to cut into them, that would take away a very essential part: the process of dealing with this situation of No Exit, of voluntarily being trapped in a grid with 7 other ladies that one hardly knew. In the beginning I had difficulties accepting these videoarchives because I saw how much they depended on our hazardous trying to interact, to be present in this universe of alone togetherness. Besides I didn’t like my own presence. As in other webperformances I felt trapped and revealed myself not as I would have liked to be revealed. But now I begin to accept this (again) as its qualities and I do like the very different dynamics in the two versions. These performances raise many questions as for instance possible language and cultural differences, that I would like to explore further but for now I would first like to organise an Angry Men performance and I will try to improve the performance interface.” Annie Abrahams mail 3/01/2012.


5 meetingdays around connection protocols, on-line networks and the Internet as public space. Worksessions, presentations, discussions, performances, lectures a concert and an on-line exhibition.

Prototypes for transmission looks at the protocols, rules and regulations that define the Internet. These 5 meetingdays are meant to re-activate our imagination about a digital space where exchange, experiment and critique can thrive.

After two performances where 24 women of different nationalities, using their mother tongue, said their anger in front of their webcams at home until there was none left, the next step in the Angry Women research project is a series of two sessions of exactly 12 minutes. The limited time, the experience of the first performance and the fact that this time the ladies will use a single language per performance (One performance will be in English, the other in French), will make this a completely different experiment concerned female anger and networked collaboration and group dynamics.
La première étape du projet Angry Women fut un dispositif qui montrait vingt-quatre femmes, de différentes nationalités, exprimant leur colère dans leur langue maternelle. Chaque femme était à la maison devant sa webcam et la performance se déroulait jusqu’à ce qu’il n’y avait plus de colère. Pour la seconde étape, la performance consistera en deux sessions de douze minutes exactement. Le temps limité, l’expérience de la performance antérieure, et le fait que cette fois les femmes utiliseront une seule langue par session (une performance en anglais et une en français) en feront une expérience tout-à-fait différente sur les dynamiques de groupe, la collaboration en réseau et bien sûr la colère des femmes.

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Annie Abrahams
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